NOT BUGS BUNNY: Cartoon Network Just Introduced Kissing Gay Characters

Published on October 29, 2014

I prefer The Roadrunner, Wile. E. Coyote and Yosemite Sam to Brad and Chad who swap spit. #highwaytohell

A monumental step has been taken towards the left in a channel called Cartoon Network. From the episode “Neighborhood Grill” in season 1, episode 21 in the show ‘Clarence’, a gay couple has been featured.

This is a very effective way of teaching children how to be tolerant. And by tolerant we mean sit back and watch America burn morally. Regardless of how you feel on the homosexual ordeal, I think we can all agree that this is black & white. Children don’t need to learn how to deal with same-sex marriages. It’s just out of their scope of understanding.

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