CONTROL FREAKS: Dracula, Leftists and Islam!

Written by Audrey Russo on October 29, 2014

It’s that time of year again…every horror movie under the sun, surfaces for Halloween. Thanks to all the retro cable stations popping up, we can still watch some of those old black and white horror flicks with that blood-sucking, hypnotist Dracula…always busy controlling his followers one bite at a time.

It reminds me of Leftists…but they don’t do it one-by-one through hypnosis. They work deceptively under, over and around the democratic process until they have a stranglehold on a society…and law-abiding citizens (which they were never) end up having to do their bidding. Leftists are wannabe tyrants in denial.

But, worse…and SCARIER than these two, are those devout, Quran-worshiping followers of Islam. These are the Muslims who KNOW that the verse of Abrogation substitutes the later, violent verses for the earlier peaceful verses of the Quran. They do as Muhammed did in conquering, raping, pillaging and murdering for Allah.

They control NOT merely those that follow Islam by force, but all those that are allowed to live in Islamic lands.

Proof of this tyrannical, OCD-like behavior can be found in the home of Islam’s most holy sites of Mecca and Medina: Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia is the birthplace of Muhammed, the Quran and Sharia Islamic Law. Wahhabi Islam, the strictest form of Islam, is practiced by the Saudi Kingdom. This form of Islam was named after Abdul Wahhab, a stern 18th century Muslim revivalist who considered that Islam (and Arabia in particular) needed cleansing and purifying back to Islam’s fundamentals. Saudi Arabia is considered the paradigm for an Islamic society, run by the Sharia.

And infidels…non-Muslims…are forced to comply with Sharia Law.

They have:
— No individual freedom.
— No free speech rights.
— No religious freedom (Bibles, Crosses and Stars of David are all confiscated and destroyed on entry to the Saudi Kingdom).
— No independence for women.
— Barbaric punishment for ‘crimes’.

The ideology of Islam and its adherents…rather than Dracula and current-day Leftists, are by far the scariest control freaks on earth today.
If you doubt that…try moving to the Saudi Kingdom…




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