The Coming Democrat Bloodbath: Don Your HazMat Suits

Written by Donald Joy on October 10, 2014

It was pretty ugly back in 2006. War fatigue and the sharp political divisions over Operation Iraqi Freedom combined with residual fallout over the federal response to Hurricane Katrina. President Bush’s popularity had steadily declined, partly also due to his base’s disgust with him pushing amnesty for illegal aliens. He watched his Grand Old Party get massacred at the polls, losing control of both houses of congress in the mid-term elections that November.

Democrats were elated. The preceding several years of humiliation and defeat were over, and they sensed their continuing resurgence. Sure enough, they parlayed their catbird seat all the way to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, catapulting the most inexperienced, radically far-Left, and probably ineligible candidate ever into the Oval Office, based mainly on the unusually deep tones of his voice and skin, not to mention the “historic” overtones of what he represented — and what he so eloquently misrepresented.

It’s taken the broader electorate quite awhile to come out of the false spell cast on them by Obama, but they mostly have. It’s turned into a rude awakening. His administration is a disaster, with an unending parade of high crimes, abuses, and colossal frauds exposed. His approval ratings have dropped to the correspondingly same low point as Bush’s had in 2006.

That’s why certain political analysts are saying that the mid-term elections about to be held next month are going to be a repeat, in political reverse, of the incumbent slaughter seen in the 2006 mid-terms.

Obama is where Bush was, in terms of how far along for both men in their respective second terms, and his party’s prospects are looking about as bad as things were for the GOP then. One difference is that the Republicans already control the House of Representatives now, but it looks like voters are about to give them back the Senate, with a significant number of seats in the House added on.

In terms of Senate seats, we might not see a numerical landslide. However, what that chamber changing hands would say about people’s trust of Obama and his party, and the ramifications for Obama’s final months in office, will amount to a political holocaust.

For conservatives, there is now a chance to undo at least some of the damage done by this criminal administration, and perhaps even undo the mistake of allowing him into the White House in the first place.

The Democrats deserve it. They crammed Obamacare down the country’s throats, despite the fact that a clear a majority of the population did not believe in it nor want it. It was shoved on us as strictly a Democrat-only supported program, with not one single Republican representative or senator voting for it (what kind of ‘representative’ government is that?). The blatant lies that were told by Obama and his friends in their months of loudly arguing for Obamacare have finally been shown to the entire nation for what they are, a gross fraud of proportions unseen in our history; deliberate deception and treachery affecting a sixth of our nation’s economy, harming businesses and millions of people at a time when we are already struggling to make ends meet in an economy limping along on faked numbers.

Then there are the dozens of other abuses and abominations that the Obama presidency and Democrat majority power have brought. If I tried to itemize them here (did I just type ‘itemize’? don’t get me started on the IRS), I’d never stop typing — or, my keyboard would seize up from the vomit and tears cascading down on it.

Still, no assessment of the coming Democrat bloodbath would be adequate without at least touching on the double-apocalyptic implications of the ongoing ISIS and Ebola catastrophes.

Barack Obama has been shown to be so derelict in his job, ignoring all kinds of urgent intelligence and advice about ISIS from wise and experienced people for months and even years on end, until backed into an impossible situation — impossible chiefly because we must somehow stumble on as a country without a real Commander-in-Chief. Instead, we have an anti-American interloper, a sneering saboteur who only clogs up the office while brashly refusing to get out of the way while blaming others for his failures, even as he reluctantly gives a somber speech and belatedly takes token action. The few allies we have left don’t trust us anymore, and the enemy scoffs at us while freely recruiting from among the Muslim segment of our population and lopping off the heads of our citizens, here and abroad, right in front of our faces.

Meanwhile, a few short years after the Obama administration rejected enhanced quarantine and travel restrictions specifically designed by previous CDC staff to deal with threats posed by the deadly Ebola virus, Obama (who himself is now being called “the African virus”) and his present flunkies refuse to even consider putting prudent flight bans in place, even now that Ebola is being brought over on crowded planes.

Obama and his remaining supporters seem to think that the best way to approach the Ebola threat is to increase our contact with it, instead of reducing contact with it. They are actually saying and doing that!

Banning commercial flights into and from Ebola-stricken countries would not preclude charter and military aircraft from transporting critical aid shipments and willing personnel to the hot zones to assist with treating and controlling the spread of Ebola. Alas, such sane and reasonable safety measures are beyond the ken of ideologically malevolent agents such as the bug-chaser Obama, who actually relishes the idea of America being brought down a notch or three or however many, to be closer on par with his father’s continent.

Some conspiracy-theory types have speculated that Obama’s refusal to protect our homeland’s population from the influx of Ebola is a strategic ploy to protect his party from an impending massacre at the voting booths — by allowing Ebola to take hold and spread here on our shores, the resulting panic and public health threat (a national emergency if there ever was one) would give him cause to suspend the mid-term elections, lest people gathered in crowds at polling places increase the chance of spreading the deadly virus.

That theory would only somewhat go against the CDC’s own highly dubious claim that Ebola is only transmitted by bodily fluids, but can we really put a scheme like that past this administration? For that matter, if Ebola does start spreading rapidly here, and regardless of untrustworthy official proclamations, would you want to go into crowded public places? Maybe you’d risk your life to go vote at some neighborhood school cafeteria crammed with hundreds or thousands of others milling in and out throughout the day and evening, to occupy the same cramped booths marking and casting their ballots, but many people wouldn’t. Obama and his Democrats can count on that scenario to at least reduce turnout and alter the outcome of elections.

Either way, there will be blood. Best to shield ourselves from the splatter. Oh, and if you’re white and live in or around St. Louis, I suggest Kevlar too.

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Following his service in the United State Air Force, Donald Joy earned a bachelor of science in business administration from SUNY while serving in the army national guard. As a special deputy U.S. marshal, Don was on the protection detail for Attorney General John Ashcroft following the attacks of 9/11. He lives in the D.C. suburbs of Northern Virginia with his wife and son.