LIFE CHANGING: What You Missed at Gun Rights Policy Conf.!

Written by Rob Morse on October 10, 2014

I’m an average guy who went to an extraordinary event. My experience at the Gun Rights Policy Conference is typical. That is why I think you might be interested. If you haven’t heard of it, the Second Amendment Foundation puts on the Gun Rights Policy Conference in late September each year. This conference is about people rather than focusing on guns and shooting accessories. A simple idea brings us to the conference. Millions of us want our neighbors to come home safe every night. That is why we work for the right of self-defense. There are ways to get involved in that effort even if you’re an ordinary guy or gal.

Sure, they have extraordinary lawyers and media personalities at the conference. These professionals give great presentations. They are fascinating to meet at the breaks between sessions. Me, I’m neither a constitutional lawyer nor a media celebrity. Looking back over several years, an ordinary guy like me had a conversion experience climbing the ladder of commitment. It is a well worn path many have climbed before.

Every time you go to the Gun Rights Policy Conference you get a stack of books. The books alone are worth hundreds of dollars. Even at your first conference, you also get something much more important. The other participants are a major part of your education! Each of them is trying to protect the right of self-defense in their home town. Even at your first conference, you leave with a stack of business cards and cell phone numbers that are invaluable. I also came away with something intangible. I came guns confaway with inspiration and good advice. The people I met at the conference made me think I could do something worthwhile. I thought it was important to try and follow their example. In hindsight, each conference was a stepping stone.

Supporters become donors. I met the people I’d only read about. I saw what the national advocacy groups do for the right of armed self-defense. Now I give regularly.
Donors become activists. In this case, all they have to do is take a friend shooting. I got my instructors certificate this year.
Activists become advocates. I met writers and bloggers at the conference. Now I try to write. Some of my writing makes it onto sites like Clash Daily. (Shhh. Don’t tell Doug.)
Activists become leaders. I talked with the podcasters and public speakers at the conference. Now I podcast and speak on the right of self-defense. In some small way, an ordinary guy like me helps form public opinion.

All that happened because of the people I met at the Gun Rights Policy Conference. The same thing could happen to you. You might find your passion and your mission. You’ll never know until you go. Whether you start tomorrow or next year, you won’t be alone. Together, we are an army of Davids.

The 2015 conference is in Phoenix, Arizona. I hope to see you there.