EBOLA–7th VECTOR: Fiction Or An Ounce Of Prevention?

Published on October 19, 2014

by Mike Martin
Clash Daily Contributor

We have been assured by our infallible government that EBOLA is hard to spread and can be easily contained thru quarantine measures. Part of the reason that they allege is that EBOLA is not endemic in the United States, but endemic to Africa.
I know of no legislation that requires that bodies be cremated.  Or that pets be cremated.
Patent zero in America came from Africa, and was sent home while contagious. The next alleged EBOLA case (vector 1) was an infection of the professional caregiver in a hospital quarantine setting. Vector 2 may be a family member that he spent time with. Were there any rats or mice (vector 3 and 4) in the apartment ? A dog (vector 5 and 6) or other pet ?
Scientists don’t have a full handle on EBOLA yet. Can it be carried by fleas and ticks (vector 7and 8) ? Can it be carried by worms (vector 9) on EBOLA patients that are buried instead of cremated ?  How about the birds that eat the worms (vector 9). The carnivores that eat the birds (vector 10) ? The prey (vector 11) that the predators only wound ?  The sexual partners of the prey that is only wounded (vector 12). The hunter that kills, skins, cleans and eats the infected prey ( back to vector 1 again ) ?
I don’t know the answers to any of the potential vector problems, but I don’t think that the scientists or the Doctors know the answers either. I do not want to be a fear monger, but they say we are not at high risk because EBOLA is endemic to Africa, not to the United States. The reason that EBOLA is endemic to Africa is because you can catch it without coming into contact with a person who already has EBOLA. They call Africa endemic because it can be contracted from the food supply. They blame breakouts of EBOLA on people eating bush meat. In other words it infected the food supply.
Are we so arrogant that we think the process can’t work in reverse ? If deer, rabbits, turkeys or other game animals become carriers/vectors then EBOLA will become endemic to the United States. Do we need laws mandating cremation for EBOLA victims ? Not too long ago plagues were stopped by burning all the belongings and even the houses of plague victims. Our government hasn’t even restricted air travel to and from heavily infected areas.
To be fair, it may be too soon to be thinking about the various vectors that may allow EBOLA to spread. At some point ( maybe 10 cases, maybe 100 or 1,000 ) we may need to have laws mandating how infected bodies and potential vectors are to be handled. I would rather have a discussion now and laws passed by congress than be subject to illegal executive orders or martial law invoked by this president. Give that power to your Governor.
I have prayed on the matter  and the answer that comes to me is to prepare, and don’t panic. The more we prepare now the less likely we’ll panic later.
Lord, have mercy on this once great nation that was founded on your principles. Lord, forgive this nation its sins and for turning from your ways. Lord, please stop this plague in its tracks. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

** Footnote to Vectors Article: CDC says that the virus is spread by body fluid contact. I would assume that that would include casual sex and mosquito bites. Remember that HIV can be spread by blood transfusions/blood contacts before antibodies are manufactured which can be used to test for infection. I would like to see more information about the tests used for Ebola, and what they actually look for/find.  Monogamy might be a good idea for the duration.

Image: http://desinformado.net/2014/06/medicos-sin-fronteras-la-epidemia-mas-letal-de-ebola-esta-totalmente-fuera-de-control/

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