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NOT-SO-FRIENDLY SKIES! Flight Attendant Risk of Getting Ebola

When you fly the friendly skies you are usually offered some peanuts or pretzels, and maybe an in-flight meal if you are traveling far enough; but in recent days, that may not be all that you’ll be getting. As an extra added bonus to the overcrowding, lack of leg room, and less than edible food, you may be one of the lucky ones to get Ebola!

60,000 members of the Assn. of Flight Attendants are to be on high alert, casing passengers for the deadly Ebola virus. This is actually comical considering there could be no symptoms during the 2-21 day incubation period. Their clear and concise advice given by the union is: “Persons infected with the Ebola virus may exhibit symptoms such as a high fever, severe headache, nausea and/or abdominal pain,” the notice on the union’s Web page says.

If you observe these symptoms, report any concerns of a potentially infectious passenger to the captain and follow the reporting procedures as outlined by your airline. Additionally, all bodily fluids should be treated as if they are known to be contagious.

Should the flight attendants wear Ebola gear? Considering how contagious it is, the answer seems like a clear “yes”, yet health officials still continue to channel Pinocchio saying the risk of catching Ebola from an airplane is “very low”. Don’t the words coming from these officials and the Obama administrations mouths seem like deja vu? No need to worry about the spread of Ebola because the threat of it coming to America is very low and the U.S. government has it under control?

Directly putting innocent Americans into harm’s way seems intentional. With all of the information we have regarding the deadly virus, and the fact that officials refuse to shut down flights from Africa, it can’t be looked at as anything less than intentional.

With the lack of leadership from Obama, Americans are left feeling abandoned. From wide open borders, to threats from a terrorist organization calling on the killing of innocent Americans and a killer virus, when will this madness end?


Julie Prince

Julie “Jules” Prince has been a Conservative activist, published writer and entrepreneur for over 20 years. She is the founder of, a Conservative news site and political organization that includes her blog the Raven Files. She is the host and producer of the edgy Conservative talk radio show “Warrior Nation” featured on Blogtalk radio Thursday’s from 7-9pm. Jules fights for the advancement of Conservative ideology and the principals of our Founding Fathers, with an undying love for America, what it was founded on and saving it from the destruction of the Progressive agenda.