HEY, ANTI-GUN NUTS: Son Kills 1-Of-3 Thugs, Saves EIGHT Lives

Published on October 4, 2014

Dear anti-gun lunatic: if this family had to live under your desired laws,  they probably would all be dead now.

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas — A man opened fire on a group of home invaders inside his family’s northwest Harris County home early Friday, deputies said.

One of the suspects died at the scene while the other two fled in a getaway vehicle. It all happened around 4:30 a.m. in the 23000 block of Botkins Road in the Hockley area.

Family members told deputies that their mother was in the kitchen cooking breakfast with three young granddaughters when the armed men broke in. The woman’s adult son heard the commotion from his bedroom and grabbed his gun.

“… and when he heard ‘please don’t hurt the girls,’ that’s when he took action,” deputies said.

The son wasted no time in shooting and killing one of the suspects.

“They were basically at a standoff, and he discharged first,” said Sgt. Felipe Rivera with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office. “One of the suspects did fire inside the residence.”

Thankfully, none of the family members were hurt. There were eight people in the home at the time.

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