NO JUAN CAN STOP US: Obama Fires Up Immigration Activists to Vote, “No Force On Earth Can Stop Us”

Published on October 2, 2014 kinda of makes you wonder why this immigration crisis was ‘orchestrated’ right before the November elections. Check it out…

“The clearest path to change is to change [the voter turnout] number,” said Obama “Si se puede, si votamos! Yes, we can, if we vote!”

“You know, earlier this year, I had a chance to host a screening of the film Cesar Chavez at the White House, and I was reminded that Cesar organized for nearly 20 years before his first major victory. He never saw that time as a failure. Looking back, he said, I remember the families who joined our movement and paid dues long before there was any hope of winning contracts. I remember thinking then that with spirit like that, no force on earth could stop us.”

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