NO MORE LOVE: Piers Morgan Blasts Obama For Not Doing Anything About ISIS

Piers Morgan, once Obama’s media lap dog, is now calling him out for his inaction with ISIS. Who’da thunk? Check it out…

On Wednesday, the ex-CNN talk show host wrote his first story as editor-at-large for the Daily Mail.

While the content is vicious, angry and sure to tickle conservative journalists and pols, the writing is colorful, even entertaining.

“A slapdash Secret Service detail isn’t what’s wrong with the White House — the real scandal is a President who is so complacent about protecting Americans,” the headline blares.

Piers predicts that now that President Obama went on “60 Minutes” and distanced himself from U.S. national intelligence agencies on the rapid spread of ISIS, he’s guaranteed himself leaks to the media for the remainder of his presidency.

“A more shameless, reprehensible display of buck-passing it would be hard to find from a sitting President,” he wrote.

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