MUST WATCH: “UNFAIR” Will Upset The Unscrupulous IRS

Published on October 13, 2014

Do you love America, liberty, and truth? Do you practically throw a chair at your TV every time you see another IRS scandal (that they happen to be getting away with on your dime) in the news? Do you trust Lois Lerner and her minions as far as you can throw them? If you answered “no” to these questions, then you are either a. not living in the same country, or b. you are living under a rock. If you answered “yes”, then you need to watch the latest documentary to blow the lid off the IRS and their abuses of power, cover ups, and corruption.

UnFair The Movie is a documentary that brings together some of the top conservative figures and various testimonies from organizations and Americans that believe to have been unfairly targeted by the IRS to give us the harsh reality about one of the most fraudulent agencies in America.

We all know the answer to stop this disease-infected blood-sucking tick of America: abolish the IRS. UnFair The Movie is not only intended to wake Americans up about the abuses taking place that go far beyond a lost hard drive and e-mails, or to solely be the bearer of bad news. It is also intended to teach us about the original intent of our Founding Fathers for this country and what we can do to restore that.

Join Mike Huckabee, Sen. Rand Paul, Glenn Beck, Rep. Trey Gowdy and many others to bring to light the hideous truth about the IRS and unite conservative, freedom-loving Americans to do finally do something about it.

The movie’s executive producer, John Sullivan, is also the producer of the smash hit films, “2016: Obama’s America” and “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed.” It is directed by Judd Saul, an award-winning director and activist, whose documentary “Frag” changed the video gaming industry. Craig Berman, also a producer of the film, brings is a nationally syndicated radio talk show host and veteran campaigner who brings his experiences to the table. With this team, you know this film is bound to lower the boom on the IRS and their corruption.

You can click here to get your tickets and find a theater showing the film near you. Remember, this is a ONE NIGHT ONLY event. So make sure you come out with your friends and family to see it on Tuesday, October 14th at a participating theatre. You can also help bring this important film to others by becoming a theatre captain here.

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