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NEW PROGRAM: Producing Do-Gooder Little Snitches?

There is a new program being started at Deer Park ISD here in the Houston area. We have all heard of Crime Stoppers by now, where you can anonymously call in a crime in progress or a fugitive tip. Well this same thing is being marketed in a downloadable AP for kiddies cell phones in school. It’s being offered by the Safe School Program which has been in place since 1997.

Money?…Oh yes, depending on what is reported, pay-offs range from 100 smackers to 1000 big ones. Cha Ching! The tattle tailed teeny-bopper will be hitting the mother lode with his or her crime reporting. Money is the lure and it’s also how the class is being marketed to the young skulls of mush and none are camera shy about explaining – with glee — their ambitions of “hitting it big.” I wonder how long till the false accusation law-suits start piling up?

Once a crime is texted in, said Jr. Snitch gets his or her own private pin code for reporting. All for the good of the other kiddies on campus, of course. How the actual payoff works was not explained in the news story.

So let’s continue… but the reporting of a crime doesn’t stop at the school fence. Nooo…not by a long shot! The little Hitler brown-shirts can now go home and for the “love” of money – which God says is the root of all evil — report on their parents’ maybe less than stellar character, aka, shady activities.

I wouldn’t want to give one of these little darlings a curfew, or have to say no to them. And what about the neighbors?…Better pay-up the paper boy or the guy who cuts your lawn, too. Who knows, he could have one of these crime reporting AP’s, too. You don’t want to end up on his bad side. Or maybe the neighbor who yells at her kids, the Jr. Crime Stoppers can now report possible child abuse. I’m sure said neighbor will have CPS at their door in no time.

Our crime reporting little Suzie wants a newer version of an i-phone and she needs some mulla, no problem, just find a crime to report. What about made-up crime?… Hmmm? Lots of that is sure to follow this program.

hitler_youthPart of this Crime Stoppers Program should be teaching these kids about laws regarding false reports and/or planting evidence, before they hit the streets. A possible trip to the local prison should help them see the light. Unfortunately, the mindset among the young is the “I won’t get caught” syndrome…Oh, yes you will.

All in all this is a big can of worms. Citizens, neighbors and students alike will all find themselves on the receiving end of retribution, pranksters and money hungry young idiots. It’s a dangerous slippery slope letting all this control, aka, power, fall into hands of the young. There is abuse of such power all around us, including our local police, who have to go through much psychological testing before becoming officers of the law, yet still fall to the lure of such power. Like I said, good little brownshirts for the making, in this world of so much uncertainty.

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