WHY IS EBOLA HERE? “Love” Couldn’t Wait 21 Days

Published on October 19, 2014

by Todd Utzig
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

The establishment is about to get owned! Queue: bass, lights and the turntable.

Ebola is here because Thomas Eric Duncan lied. Is there a thermometer for that? Neither the CDC nor their rock star, bobblehead head are that good. In addition, the inner onion here reeks of weak education. While stateside, race-baiters tried to make it a color thing, the man’s own nation longed to bring him to justice – for God’s sake. Perhaps true Americans are safer on the heels of the Liberian spokesman than under the tutelage of the current administration. I know, how racist of me. Gasp – to choose any other black man – the audacity!

Most of America’s farmers are smarter than the administration’s talking heads. In similar fashion, any decent trauma surgeon knows that effort and money is best spent at the point of hemorrhaging. I guess “First Do No Harm” doesn’t apply to either inhabitants of northern Africa or a nation that was partially built upon white colonialism.

I cannot stand even flying next to a Caucasian, North American with a flossing problem let alone a person that could, at any time, become Ebola, symptomatic after having his or her temperature taken. We’ve enough gummy, cheeky, libtards and Obama girls here of all ethnic backgrounds to deal with without adding West Africans willing to lie to their local authorities to the mix. They’ve dealt directly with Ebola long enough to know that handling the dead can be tricky business.

I cannot and will not welcome Duncan love to America – even though it’s here to the tune of perhaps fifty-five percent. What kind of love lies to authority – at the same time refusing to wait twenty-one days to visit anyone, anywhere? Duncan love.

I’ve been hoping for 21 day, fortified, African holding areas for would-be-travelers from the beginning. Too bad the left isn’t that smart.

I am so hoping that America would come apart now, amicably, while there is yet time. We’ll tap Deneen Borelli to lead us and you can tap Hillary – LOL – not really.

We can only hope and pray that five U.S. airports will follow La-Guardian angels and “strike” as we set up go fund me accounts in their honor.  We the people!

Image: http://www.blacklistednews.com/America’s_First_ Ebola_Patient,_Thomas_Eric_ Duncan,_Has_Died/38473/0/38/38/Y/M.html


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