UNSERIOUS EFFORTS: Losing the War with Ebola

Written by R.G. Yoho on October 13, 2014

If you listen to Obama or his paid-political hacks at the Centers for Disease Control, Obama has declared war on Ebola.

The speeches Obama gives or the prepared statements he orders the CDC officials to make are meant to inspire confidence and stop the spread of fear among the public.

If the president truly wanted to stop the introduction and spread of the Ebola Virus in the United States, then he would do much more than he’s currently doing.

Much more!

So how do we stop the virus?

The answer is simple: We stop the carriers!

We quarantine them.

We require them to stay in their own countries. We don’t let them board our planes. We stalwartly turn them away before they pass through customs.

Obama should instruct our TSA officials to remove their shoes and belts, pat them down, feel them up, take computer scans of their naked bodies, and grope them thoroughly from head to toe, in much the same way they currently do with elderly women, young children, and aged war heroes in wheel chairs.

Then they should send them back to their places of origins, the breeding grounds for Ebola.

If he truly means to protect our citizens from this dread disease, then Obama should demand they stay at home.

All legal immigrants should be refused citizenship until they have been quarantined for a sufficient period to time to determine that they are not infected.

And most important, ALL illegal immigration should cease.


Our borders should be locked down. Fences should be built. Our National Guard should be deployed to stop anyone from crossing our border illegally.

We already know that Islamic terrorists believe there is great merit and eternal reward for dying as a martyr in the cause of Islam. Then what would keep them from deliberately becoming infected with the Ebola Virus and trying to illegally cross our borders?

Once they were safely in America, these terrorists would walk our streets, enter our businesses, and be transformed into walking weapons of mass destruction, infecting all those with which they were to come in close contact.

These individuals who kill in the name of Mohammed are living, breathing, walking cases or human vermin. They have no compunction about strapping bomb vests on themselves or others, They will even sacrifice their own offspring in order to kill innocent women and children.

They would certainly have no fear about walking around with a deadly virus, especially if they knew their own death could take hundreds, maybe thousands, with them?

Now the president wants to send our military troops overseas to “fight” Ebola, placing their lives in danger of an enemy they most certainly aren’t trained to fight.

Our Armed Forces are trained to attack, kill, and decimate our enemies. They are prepared and conditioned to be specialists in raining down hell and destruction, from the land, sea, and air, on any of those who mean to do us harm.

And our military does these things better than any other fighting force in the world.

Our president pulls our troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan, claiming that he is concerned about their safety. Obama doesn’t want our soldiers risking their lives overseas to protect American citizens on our streets here at home.

However, Obama has no problem with risking the lives of our soldiers overseas to protect the citizens of another country on their unpaved, dusty, animal paths.

Perhaps somebody can tell me what the president’s priorities really are? And who is our Commander-in-Chief actually working for?

Our soldiers are fighters, not health care professionals. They are not nurses. They are trained to shoot hostiles, not to administer shots in a world-wide hospice. They don’t provide comfort for a patient’s final days. They are trained to be patient, inflicting great and sudden pain on our enemies as we guarantee they live out their final days.

Unless the president has determined that he can conquer the disease of Ebola by shooting and killing the infected, bombing and burning down the buildings upon them, and laying waste to their homes and facilities, then there is no way that our military has the means to stop this deadly virus, for which we currently have NO cure.

And what of our soldiers? How many of them must die?

What are the rules of engagement for armed men with guns to protect themselves from Ebola, a faceless and deadly enemy that takes no prisoners?

Ebola can be stopped, but Obama has no more stomach for this fight than he does in the war of terrorism.

Americans in great numbers will die here if Ebola is allowed to come here.

And neither the CDC nor the president will ever be honest enough to tell you that one.

Image: http://truthtalk13.wordpress.com/


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R.G. Yoho is a Western author who has published seven books, including “Death Comes to Redhawk,” along with a non-fiction work entitled “America’s History is His Story.”