“PLEASE TURKEY, FIGHT ISIS!”: Why Would Turkey Fight What It Feeds?

The Obama administration has been imploring Turkey to fight ISIS, which is now at the border of Turkey mercilessly butchering the Kurds of Kobane. A recent development of Turkey agreeing to allow US and allied forces to use their airbases to fight ISIS, may serve as a deception…but make no mistake: Turkey is funding and training ISIS.

Turkey is not the country that Ataturk established in the 1920s, following the fall of the Ottoman Empire. His 1928 amendment of their Constitution of 1924, removed the provision declaring that the “Religion of the State is Islam” and established a secular State. It is now ruled by Erdogan, head of the Justice and Development Party (AKP), an Islamist party that now holds 2/3 of the Parliament in Turkey. For those who believe they are “moderate” Muslims, Erdogan himself stated, “The Term ‘Moderate Islam’ Is Ugly And Offensive; There Is No Moderate Islam; Islam Is Islam.” (Some of Erdogan’s followers believe he is a Caliph who seeks to resurrect the Ottoman Empire, according to the Turkish news outlet, Today’s Zaman.)

This new Islamist majority ruling Turkey is not behaving itself at all…
— as reported by Islam specialist Walid Shoebat, there are ISIS “training centers in Orfa, Ghazi Antab and Antakia (Antioch) set up by the Turkish government for more terrorists to be sent to Syria.”
according to an Egyptian official, Turkey is providing direct intelligence and logistical support to the ISIS terrorist organization, which was further confirmed by VP Joe Biden (before he was reprimanded and reneged).
Kurds on the ground, persecuted in Kobane by ISIS, KNOW Turkey supports ISIS.
— Daniel Pipes writes:

Ankara may deny helping ISIS, but the evidence for this is overwhelming. “As we have the longest border with Syria,” writes Orhan Kemal Cengiz, a Turkish newspaper columnist, “Turkey’s support was vital for the jihadists in getting in and out of the country.” Indeed, the ISIS strongholds not coincidentally cluster close to Turkey’s frontiers.

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It’s a well-established fact that the Turkish government is not best-buds with the Kurdish people, since the Kurds desire their own country. During the Ottoman Empire, many Kurds (probably persuaded by the edge of a sword) became Sunni Muslims…but over time departed from pure Islam and pursued a more mystical ideology, that is secular in nature and practiced within their culture. The animosity has increased on the Turkish side, perhaps due to the slow and steady Islamization of Turkey (Kurds are largely viewed as infidels). THIS may explain the fact that Turkey is not only refusing to help the Kurds of Kobane, but is viewing the slaughter of these Kurds as help with their “problem”.

Looking at the empirical evidence, one can rationally conclude that Turkey cannot be trusted to aid against ISIS. In order to sagely judge the reliability of a structure, you must look at its foundation. And with that realization, conclude: “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

Turkey will never truly fight what it feeds.

Shalom through strength…

Image: http://www.turkafile.com/international/2014/10/14/iraqi-kurdish-president-turkey-secretly-gave-us-weapons-to-fight-isis/


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