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BRUTAL: Popular Teen Disfigured In Wreck Texting While Driving

This should teach you to put the phone down when you get behind the wheel. Check it out…

She was left blind in one eye and severely disabled after crashing her car while texting at the wheel.

Now, Liz Marks has revealed the loneliness she feels in the wake of the incident in April 2012.

The 20-year-old was driving her Mazda 3 along a road in St Michaels, Maryland, when she received a text from her mother, Betty. Without thinking, she looked down at her phone to read the message.

Seconds later, she crashed into a tow truck driven by 25-year-old Roy Dixon that was stopped on St Michaels Road waiting to turn left on to Wales Lane. The truck had its left signal turned on.

Miss Marks, then aged 17, was airlifted to the University of Baltimore Shock Trauma Center with serious brain and facial injuries, where she remained in intensive care for nearly a month.

In subsequent weeks, she was forced to undergo a number of surgeries, including an 11-hour procedure on her brain, according to The Star Democrat in Maryland.

Two-and-a-half years on, she remains blind in one eye, has lost her sense of smell, cannot hear properly, is unable to create tears due to damaged tear ducts and cannot fall asleep naturally.

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