ISLAMIC BUTT-KISSERS: MAJOR U.S. Company Bows to Shariah Law

And so the end begins. Home Depot is bowing to Muslims and kissing the ring. Check it out…

While the Department of Justice offers business owners the choice between violating their beliefs and facing punishment in matters of homosexual marriage and employer-provided contraceptive coverage, they have set the tone for what will and will not be acceptable in corporate culture and it’s clear that businesses, in the land of the free, conduct themselves in line with the federal government’s agenda of militant secularism…

Except for in accommodations for Muslims…

The Conservative Tribune has reported on the retail giant Home Depot’s latest sensitivity training for employees to learn how to accommodate Muslim employees and customers. According to the Tribune, the radical Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has provided onsite training for employees of Home Depot in Dearborn, Michigan, and the training, according to CAIR, was to provide “cultural awareness” for employees to learn how to “better serve their Muslim customers and accommodate the religious sensitivities of their Muslim employees.”

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