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EYES OPEN, PLEASE–Muslim Invasion and the West’s Denial

Much of Europe has finally awakened to the fact that Qaddafi’s prediction is coming true: Europe is being conquered without a shot being fired. Thanks to massive Muslim immigration to Sweden, Denmark, Great Britain, Spain, France, Belgium, Germany and Holland, combined with much higher birth rates in those Muslim communities, Europe is effectively being taken over. Great Britain proudly says it embraces Sharia Law and the way things are going, France will be a Muslim country in a couple decades.

Listen to this Swedish member of parliament speak out about the destruction of his country.

European leaders decry the immigration-driven multiculturalism that is threatening traditional culture, and national sovereignty.

Muslims are now establishing Sharia zones, enforcing their law on native Europeans, and harassing people with violence.

Churches are being turned into mosques.

The fact is many of these immigrant groups throughout Europe benefit from state welfare programs, so as they outbreed indigenous Europeans, and exploit their liberal immigration policies, they bankrupt those countries as well.

It may be too late for Europe. Is it also too late for America?

I wonder how many of you reading these words at this very moment have already started to forget Colleen Hufford.

Colleen was a wife, mom and grandmother working in Moore, Oklahoma. Above is a photo of her with her husband KC, daughter Kelli and granddaughter Riley. They say family was the center of Colleen’s life.

They look like nice folks–hard working, decent people, the kind that would help anyone in need. People in her town describe Colleen as a very loving, giving, accepting person. At Colleen’s funeral the family requested donations for Catholic Charities and Children’s Hospital, benevolent organizations that do not discriminate against anyone, including Muslims. Colleen would probably be the first to advise us not to hold a grudge toward blacks or Muslims, even though she was murdered by a black jihadist.

To be more accurate, Colleen was beheaded by a jihadist at work on September 25, 2014. A grandmother beheaded in America, and to our knowledge, not one official in the Obama administration said a word about it.

Some people want to call the killing an instance of workplace violence, like people in the Justice Department and the White House, people who have a lot to say about Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown, but absolutely nothing to say about Colleen and her family.

Others will call the murder the act of an animal. Some will insist the perpetrator was insane, for only a madman would so cruelly attack an innocent woman. A few others will say the killer was acting on instructions, carrying out orders, acting according to the dictates of his religion, behaving like all jihadists, be they lone wolves, or barbaric killers with ISIS.

Here is a picture of Colleen’s alleged assailant, in a mosque, dressed in Muslim attire, reading The Koran:
alton nolan
Alton Nolan, a convert to Islam, is accused of beheading Colleen. A man with a long criminal record, on his Facebook page, he went by the name Jah’Keem Yisrael. On that page he posed a list of America’s sins, concluding, “someone’s gonna get killed here.”

Nolan’s mosque reportedly taught hatred and violence, coverage here, including testimony from someone inside the mosque, a man who conducted surveillance on behalf of law enforcement for several years. It has been established Nolan had ties to violent jihadists and that he stated he did not like white people. Nolan beheading Colleen was no act of terrorism, no. It was merely an act of workplace violence, as with the Ft. Hood shooter.

Three thousand innocent people like Colleen were murdered by jihadists on 9/11, and still the politicians and the academics and the media talking heads insisted we deny the glaringly obvious–in the wake of jihadist terrorism around the world for decades, including the Boston bombing–that jihad had come to America.

For anyone who still thinks Islam is only a religion of peace, it is strongly suggested you take an hour and examine this documentary, a scholarly work that traces the history and substance of Islamic teaching: What the West Needs to Know about Islam. Here is an excerpt by Robert Spencer, expert on Islam:

The Islamic sources, the Islamic texts, starting with The Koran, but not limited to The Koran, including the Hadith, Islamic tradition, Islamic theology, Islamic law, the traditions of the interpretation of The Koran, throughout history, and Islamic history itself, all bear witness to the fact that Islam has a developed doctrine, theology and law that mandates violence against unbelievers.

We have ignored this truth like men hypnotized to believe whatever the hypnotist declares. The push to promote multiculturalism is actually a cover to advance the cause of jihad, which is the establishment of Sharia Law, to the exclusion of all other belief systems. When demonstrators and imams worldwide on a daily basis insist openly that Islam will rule the world, they actually believe it, and work feverishly toward that goal, beheading people along the way, and worse.

So for all the multiculturalists in America and elsewhere who insist on ignorance and self-deception, there are twice their number in America who remain rational and capable of connecting the dots and drawing logical conclusions. In the face of 24,000 deadly jihadist attacks in the world since 9/11 it is clear we have a growing problem, a huge number of jihadists escalating on most every front. So, perhaps the talking heads will understand our alarm when we read:

–Mosque construction is setting records in the U.S. and churches are being converted into mosques
–An imam is invited on to the floor of the House Nov. 14 to lead the opening prayer in praise of Allah
–Our national cathedral was used Nov. 14 by a large group of Muslims for a prayer meeting
–Muslims demand schools teach Islam but exclude Christianity
–Our own government insists Islam be promoted in public schools
–Muslims demand food stamps to buy halal food
–Well-funded groups are pushing Sharia Law on the states, and some jurist applaud
–News that terrorist training camps proliferate on American soil
–The President promotes Islam, calling America one of the largest Muslim countries on earth

You will also understand our rage when a grandmother is beheaded in Oklahoma, a state that voted to ban Sharia, only to have the court overrule the will of the people there, our rage kindling even more, seeing a President unwilling to speak to the issue, and refusing to raise his voice about the murder of Colleen Hufford, saying nothing about jihadists responsible for her death, working instead in support of the very jihadists who would destroy our country.


Upper Image: Courtesy of Facebook

Lower Image: Courtesy of Facebook


Allan Erickson

Allan Erickson---Christian, husband, father, journalist, businessman, screenwriter, and author of The Cross & the Constitution in the Age of Incoherence, Tate Publishing, 2012.