FOOTBALL & #FERGUSON: Rams Players Did Something Seriously Stupid For Mike Brown Today

Yeah, just ignore the fact that Michael Brown didn’t even have his hands up.

NFL Rams players Tavon Austin, Stedman Bailey, Kenny Britt, Chris Givens, and Jared Cook came out in the ‘hands up, don’t shoot’ gesture to show solidarity with Ferguson protestors before Sunday’s game against the Oakland Raiders.


The ‘hands up, don’t shoot’ narrative- an obviously questionable phrase claimed to have been said by Michael Brown as he  “surrendered” to former Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson, has been debunked as a lie.

But as the country has seen since August, the facts of the case have never mattered, nor will they ever. Racial agitators and supporters of Michael Brown haven’t let facts interfere with a false narrative that justified endless- and pointless- protests.

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