SHARPTON AND CO: Trading on White Guilt

Written by Steve Bowers on November 30, 2014

This is getting embarrassing. Al Sharpton and all his race-baiting buddies are utterly shameless. They will do anything to advance their agenda, which is actually subservient to their own personal campaign of self-promotion. These guys have been up to these sorts of antics since Al sported a Mary Tyler Moore hairdo and “running suit.” (No offense intended to Ms. Moore or Nike.) Their Chutzpah would still have some traction if they hadn’t become colossal and predictable bores over the decades. They raise questions. Who pays them? Al is rumored to owe a few million in income taxes. Who knows? Who cares?

Following is an example of how this stuff works. I recently read an article about the Southern Poverty Law Center…an outfit apparently run by white race-hucksters, instead of black race-hucksters. It demonstrated how the [White] Southern Poverty Law Center (WSPLC) operates financially. The guys in charge are always on the lookout for racially discriminatory practices and, specifically, ways to capitalize monetarily from those practices. They’re very clever.

One particular case occurred a few years ago, which tells all you ever needed to know about WSPLC. A young black man was murdered by the Klan somewhere in the South. The crime was horrible…which was all WSPLC needed to get things rolling financially. Their usual M.O. is to prod guilt ridden liberals from all over the country to send in cash for whatever cause is current. Sometimes the causes are dubious.

In the case of the murdered young black man the cause was not dubious, but the actions of WSPLC were. They jumped in with both feet and began beating the bushes for a criminal prosecution. They were in close communication with the victim’s mother. When the prosecution yielded nothing except a tenuous connection to the local branch of the Klan, the WSPLC went into high gear and assisted in a civil case against the local hooded dummies.

When the case was resolved, the Klan’s local hall was sold out from under them and the Mother received little of the low valued Klan Hall (after legal fees, of course). However…as always with liberal/commie/pukes, the good-ol’-boys at WSPLC used the family/victims’ photos and story to do a big fund raiser, ostensibly to prevent further random violence against young black men (which, of course, is often perpetrated by other black men, which was never completely ruled out in the case at hand). The WSPLC fund-raiser netted several million clams from guilty white liberals…none of which leaked out of the WSPLC coffers to the victim’s Mom.

This is a lousy topic for days after Thanksgiving, but you must remember Evil never sleeps. These race-baiters are always looking for a buck and camera time.

I am amazed that Obama hasn’t stepped into the Ferguson Fun and held a “Beer Summit” or something similar. But maybe he’s occupied elsewhere praising the political gods for the Ferguson distraction from his legion of failed policies and dumb stunts like his very unpopular and unconstitutional Immigration Executive Order.

Just in case the small writing on the bottom of my cartoon is too small, let me say, in fairness to Rev. Al, I have seen no reports of Al actually carting off televisions or other personal property… yet…but…maybe that is only because the BIG MEDIA guys are covering for him.

And I apologize for seeming to poke fun at his use of Ebonics in normal conversation. I don’t mean to be cruel…it’s the way he actually speaks in public. He probably uses legitimate English in private. I think he is just pandering to folks he thinks actually care about what he has to say. Surely, a “man of the cloth” has availed himself of a better education than his public speaking belies. (Assuming, of course, he has a formal education, which, hopefully, resulted in records that are available for public scrutiny. Just a thought.)

Al has profited from his shenanigans in Missouri just as surely as if he had snatched a couple big screens. If Al has actually gotten in on the pilfering…he cannot be blamed for exercising some personal initiative. With all the current distractions he has probably had a hard time shopping for Christmas and doesn’t want to be caught behind in his Holiday errands because of the Black Friday Boycott he and his pals have planned.

I hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving! And be happy the voters are getting the picture on these unscrupulous crooks.

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Steve Bowers
Steve Bowers grew up on a farm in Indiana, attended Indiana University and went into the construction business. While working on a construction project at a law school he was appalled at how lawyers could screw stuff up on a simple building project. Thinking he could do better, Steve went to law school. He’s pretty naive.