LAME: Suggestions/Warnings for the Returning Congress

Published on November 16, 2014

By Mike Martin
Clash Daily Contributor

To our returning “LAME SUCKS” congress I offer a suggestion that you do the minimum amount possible to keep the government functioning until the new Congress is sworn in. In your own words, “Elections Have Consequences”.

Ruminate on this: we didn’t throw the Democraps out of office because we wanted the new congress to cooperate with “Obama”. The new congress will have control of both houses of congress. We expect a return to Constitutional Government. We expect the new congress will :

1. Balance the budget and use surplus funds to decrease our government’s DEBT. To do this you will have to decrease the size of the government.

2. Use the power of the purse to have all congressional subpoena’s fully complied with or fire the top 10 % of the agency personnel and furlough the remainder without pay until they are complied with.

3. Impeach those who impede the fulfillment of the subpoenas, and take away their government pensions.

4. Impeach those activist judges who make decisions outside the scope of their authority and that conflict with the Constitution. Take away their pensions and bar them from holding any federal position or office for their lifetimes.

5. Individuals participating in voter fraud are trying to overthrow the government by force of criminal behavior and are to be stripped of their citizenship and taxed at a rate of 10% higher than citizens of same incomes.

6. Throughout history everyone eventually dies, thus the courts may not find the death penalty to be cruel and unusual punishment. Only the manner of execution can be found cruel and/or unusual.

7. Any continuing resolution passed with out a balanced budget requires a 10% reduction from the prior years spending and a 50% reduction in Presidential and Congressional salaries and office budgets until a balanced budget is passed.

8. All laws passed also pertain to the members of congress.

I would like to take this opportunity to notify you that non-constitutional actions will lead to a call for impeachment for malfeasance of office and will seek to have your pensions revoked.

I will be calling for a new vote on the senate Majority Leader after the new Senators are sworn into office.

Republicans, you will not get a free pass for legislation passed during the “Lame Sucks” Session.