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PRO-OBAMACARE SENATORS: Co-Conspirators or Stupid?

by Les Weaver
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

The exposure of Jonathan Gruber’s repeated claim that the American people are stupid did not anger me.  Rather it cleared up many questions I had pondered and relieved me of the charge of being stupid.

I open by admitting that from the first promotion of the Affordable Care Act, (better labeled as “unaffordable Obamacare”), I have very often phoned and emailed my progressive two Senators and Congressman expressing my objection to the bill.  Left wingers referred to me as stupid for my objections.

Now I review several facts:  Gruber is/was a major paid consultant and author of Obamacare as well as a paid traveling lecturer for it.  Also was that even the most experienced speed reader could not have read the 2,000+ page bill in the time given before the vote was called for.  Next was that the entire left side of the aisle voted for and continues to support the bill.  And as sweetener added to the Kool-Aide of Obamacare propaganda, the left now promotes that we have time to tweak, improve, and adjust that which we didn’t have time to do correctly to begin with.  And the lies about cost versus benefit accelerate.

Every day, it becomes clearer that I was not stupid for objecting to the passage of Obamacare.  But now I claim the right to question which of two labels my two Senators and Representative should be honored with. 

Were they in fact stupid for drinking the propaganda that Gruber and the White House spewed or were they co-conspirators to the fraud upon their constituents in particular and the American public in general?  With pride, I conclude that I am in fact smarter and/or more honorable than over half of the sitting congress members that voted for Obamacare.

But, of course, my claim must await the spin from these polished liars.