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Is Ohio Governor John Kasich Blowout Election Win Enough For Presidential Sweepstakes Bid?
According to Chuck Todd, Host of NBC’s Sunday “Meet the Press”, no governor in America had a better 2014 election cycle than Ohio Governor John Kasich, reported WKYC-TV Tuesday evening. Gov. Kasich came into election night leading his Democrat opponent Ed FitzGerald by a whopping 62 percent to 34 based upon a Columbus Dispatch weekend poll. The balanced approach to governance and solid delivery of services allowed Kasich to handily defeat his opponent, suggested the Wall Street Journal.

Many GOP leaders in Washington D.C. as well as Republican voters around the nation are now seriously examining how a governor can actually deliver critical services, be pro-life and still instill hope and create middle class opportunity for the downtrodden and the economically dispossessed. Ohio’s success is built upon a platform which many successful election night governors like Wisconsin’s Scott Walker, Michigan’s Rick Snyder and Florida’s Rick Scott would love to replicate.

In national and state Election Day politics, numbers matter because they are a crucial indicator where the direction of the country as well as the state is headed. The national mid-term Democrat firewall strategy was destroyed and Gov. Kasich can take a good degree of the credit. By simply examining the numbers where this Midwestern governor won in solid blue areas like the counties surrounding Toledo, he destroyed his democrat opponent, as republican political mastermind Karl Rove pointed out on Fox News on election night, Tuesday.

The governor was able to lock down the 2016 Republican National Convention for Cleveland, Ohio by showing how a comeback state like Ohio could compete and deliver against Texas. Numbers matter. There were no smoke and mirrors to how Kasich accomplished this feat. Kasich boosted jobs, and created a business-friendly environment while lowering taxes. All of these achievements were accomplished in an anti-business Obama dismal economy. Numbers matter!

Being pro-life matters as well and Governor John Kasich won his successful election bid because he understood that despite liberals in Ohio as well as a pro-abortion advocate in the Oval Office, he stood for life. In fact new statistics for Ohio show that Gov. Kasich’s pro-life policies have helped to reduce abortions to historic lows in the Buckeye state. Numbers matter and this governor has signed into law 12 Ohio Right to Life initiatives. The result is that Ohioans have seen abortions plummet in 2012 to 25,473 abortions from over 45,000 abortions performed in the 1980s, according to Life News. In addition, the state saw a 30 percent drop in abortion after 19 weeks and a ban of late-term abortions. The icing on the cake was the defunding of Planned Parenthood.

Is this enough timber for a presidential contender to showcase to the nation? Some naysayers in the state are not as convinced that Governor Kasich can actually be considered all things to all people. They point to his support for certain Medicaid conditions of Obamacare which continue to stick in their mind. According to the Wall Street Journal, he supported higher taxes on the oil and gas industry as well as parts of Common Core educational standards.

For most governors, adversity would have crippled their vision as well as blocked their pro growth agenda. But, despite his strong disapproval numbers in 2011, anti-union stand, as well as his steady support to uplift educational standards and support for urban area schools, which was scoffed at, Governor Kasich delivered. On the other hand, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, a fellow Republican governor had to fight back successfully against a union-backed 2012 re-call election, reported the Wall Street Journal.

So what does this mean for America 2016 and beyond when it comes to a potential presidential bid from Governor John Kasich? It means that voters should look seriously at the accomplishments as well as the foundational principles which helped to create this Ohio Midwestern leader as well as elected eight presidents from the Buckeye state.

Kasich was not born of privilege. His father was a mailman and the Pittsburgh native graduated from Ohio State and settled. The future governor served first in the state senate and then in congress for 9 terms, where he chaired the House Budget Committee. Most importantly, he championed balance budget and welfare reform initiatives. The bottom line is that the 62-year-old governor has achieved, delivered and successfully governed.

Governor Kasich is not a headline grabber but is a results focused leader. For most of the country and media pundits his laudatory results have been under the nation’s radar. But Election Night 2014, the state of Ohio and its firm but compassionate Republican leader has given America a lesson on what it means to possess the skill to not just talk about hope and change but deliver the goods!



Kevin Fobbs

Kevin Fobbs has more than 35 years of wide-ranging experience as a community and tenant organizer, Legal Services outreach program director, public relations consultant, business executive, gubernatorial and presidential appointee, political advisor, widely published writer, and national lecturer. Kevin is co-chair and co-founder of AC-3 (American-Canadian Conservative Coalition) that focuses on issues on both sides of the border between the two countries.