PIERS MORGAN: 10 Reasons Why Bluffing, Boring, Blame-pointing Obama Can Expect An Ass Kicking Today

Published on November 4, 2014

Piers must’ve had an epiphany regarding Obama.

By Piers Morgan, Mail Online

He’s gone from being a shining, youthful beacon of audacious hope to a greying, increasingly defeatist purveyor of disappointment.

So why has it all gone so horribly wrong?

Here are ten reasons:

1. HE BREAKS HIS PROMISES. Obama said he’d shut down Guantanamo Bay, then didn’t. He said he’d be more transparent, then we found out his NSA was secretly bugging everyone. He vowed to put a limit on America’s warfare but has continued to wage Drone-led war on numerous fronts. He looked Newtown families in the eye and said he’d get action on gun control – and failed. He insisted he’d make Washington less cynically divisive but it’s never been worse. Above all, he pledged to restore trust in Government and has achieved the complete opposite.

2. HIS FOREIGN POLICY STINKS. He heralded a ‘new dawn’ for the Middle East, but kept American involvement at such minimal levels that ISIS has been allowed to ferment into a potent, dominant terror force in the region. Libya, Yemen, Egypt, Gaza and Syria all burn as Obama fiddles with his golf swing. As for Iraq and Afghanistan, Obama may pride himself on ending America’s involvement as he said he would – but leaving behind complete chaos and borderline anarchy should be a matter for self-reflective sadness at failed missions to instil freedom and democracy, not celebration.

3. HE’S A BLUFFER. Obama made America a laughing stock when he warned Syria’s Assad regime, ‘A red line for us is we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being utilized’ and then blinked when Assad promptly crossed that red line. It’s that kind of spinelessness which emboldened Vladimir Putin to wage imperialistic Russian assaults on Crimea and Ukraine – and ISIS to behead his citizens with impunity. I hate seeing America look weak and I’m not even American.

4. HE CAN’T GET THE ECONOMY OUT OF THE TANK. Nobody can credibly blame Obama for the modern day Great Depression that he inherited, but America’s recovery has been painfully slow and still crawls along like a wounded snail, ravaged by a rapidly expanding $17 trillion national debt. The gap between rich and poor rages ever wider too, making a mockery of Obama’s demand for a ‘more inclusive, fairer’ society.

5. HE CAN’T EVEN DO THE RIGHT THINGS RIGHT. Obamacare should have been his great legacy. Bringing 30 million impoverished, uninsured Americans into the health care system is an achievement of genuine worth. But the launch was so haplessly cack-handed and disastrous that the perception remains of dismal failure even as statistics suggest Obamacare is enjoying an increasing positive performance. The great communicator has lost ability to successfully communicate.

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