PUPPY KILLERS: PETA Members Allegedly Stole A Little Girl’s Dog and Killed It

Written by Gayne C. Young on November 18, 2014

How do you say, “I’m sorry I killed your pet Chihuahua?”

Well, if you’re PETA, you do so with a fruit basket.

When the Cerate family’s pet Chihuahua Maya went missing last month, Mr. Cerate checked his home’s security camera for clues to the dog’s whereabouts. What Wilber saw was a van marked “PETA” back into the driveway of his Virginia home. Two women exited the van, scooped up little Maya, and drove away.

Mr. Cerate told WAVY, “I was angry. I understand they pick up my dog, if it was in a tree or another place, but this is in my house.”

To add insult to injury is the fact that three days later PETA returned to his home with fruit basket in hand to apologize for the dog being put to sleep.

Although PETA has not commented on this event – if it took place – Mr. Cerate assures that it did. In fact, he filed a complaint with Accomack County Police. This prompted Sheriff Todd Godwin to charge the PETA workers with larceny.

Of course, charging these dog-nappers with a Class 5 felony will do nothing to bring Maya back from Jesus’s backyard.

Thus, the fruit basket!


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