SCUM: What #Ferguson Protesters Did To A Slain Police Officer Will Piss You Off

Published on November 29, 2014

This is disgraceful. How can they expect respect from others when they do something like this?

Officer Jeremy Henwood was shot and killed while sitting in his police cruiser just moments after he bought a young boy his meal at McDonald’s, because the young man couldn’t afford it.

Officer Henwood was a decorated HERO who served several tours of duty in both Iraq and Afghanistan as a Marine combat veteran. In those final moments when he took his wallet out and helped a boy from his community, it truly showed just what kind of man he was. After purchasing the young man’s meal, he left and was fatally gunned down while just sitting in a police cruiser. His death was a horrific tragedy and Ferguson protesters have only added insult to injury.

Protesters from the local Artful Activists San Diego group helping to organize two local Ferguson protests covered the sign for Officer Jeremy Henwood Memorial Park with a banner that made it read “Michael Brown Memorial Park.”  Here is the tweet they sent out after vandalizing Officer Henwood’s Memorial Park sign:

Here was that Officer’s last act of kindness caught on tape:

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