WHITE HOUSE PHOTO OP? Enlisting Hero Sgt. Vickers

Written by Steve Bowers on November 1, 2014

Did you see the standing ovation the Sergeant at Arms of the Canadian Parliament received from…the Canadian Parliament? Three minutes long! He was obviously touched by the whole thing. A small tear may have rolled down and his lip definitely quivered just a little. He spent the entire three minutes nodding in polite acknowledgment of the applause. He came strolling into the chamber and the applause started. It was an uproar. He was wearing his long black robe (which concealed who knows what sort of personal armament) and wearing an admiral’s hat, amidship, not athwartship, and looking sort of distracted, but very businesslike.

(Some of this stuff the Canadians do seems a bit strange to us in the States, their wayward colonial cousins to the south, but after watching Sgt. Kevin Vickers I don’t worry about them anymore. All their strange and friendly diffidence is just a show…as I suspected all along, Americans are clowns who like a good time and they, by contrast, seem a bit stuffy and proper, but being such close “cousins,” you just knew the propensity for measured and appropriate violence lurked just beneath their exteriors. Very commendable.)

Sgt. Vickers also looked very business like and convincing as he roamed the hall of an aisle in the building where he is employed…strolling along in long tails amongst the ancient columns and scrutinizing the cloister above the opposite side of the aisle…pistol in hand. He had just shot dead the pathetic jerk who had moments before murdered a Canadian soldier and father who had been participating in a Canadian Veteran Memorial ceremony.

Ambush seems to be the preferred method of fighting with these creeps. They never walk up to one of us and say “I don’t like the cut of your jib…” or something similar and then suggest a commencement of violent hostilities. They’re never forthright about the violence unless…they’re about to behead a few hundred women or children. (Unarmed women if they are Kurdish ladies.)

Anyway …this guy, Vickers, is our sort of guy. We should betow honorary American citizenship on him. We could simply send him one of those millions of new green cards Obama is having printed to bestow on the millions of illegals he intends to bestow full voting rights on in a short time. We could also enclose a special bit of parchment noting his honorable and brave deeds of that day. I don’t think we should make too big a deal of it because he does present a startling contrast for what passes for manhood in the Obama Administration. It is embarrassing in a back-handed way.

The accompanying cartoon depicts an imaginary (maybe) conversation wherein an Obama Flying Monkey tries to enlist Sgt. Vickers for an extended photo op at the White House.

You may have noticed how Democrats everywhere are scurrying away from Obama so as to avoid being associated with his disastrous administration…which they helped him with.

Obama’s pathetic explanation of how his minions standing for re-election in the midterm in a few days, aren’t really avoiding him…because his policies are all the same policies these dummies embraced last election, now and forever.

Obama’s apparent loss of buddies reminded me of a summer job a guy had once between his years in law school. He stationed himself on the beach in Malibu and photographed beach goers standing next to life sized cut outs of famous folks (the most utilized cut out being that of President Reagan). (Sounds like a job that a fellow who was about to become a lawyer would dream up, doesn’t it?) So watch for those famous folks who may start appearing with Obama in photo ops. Look to see if they look a bit thin and, literally, one dimensional. I mean really “one dimensional”…like cardboard…not like those vacuous one dimensional Hollywood types who love being photographed with the pansey from Chicago/Kenya(?)…wherever.

It ain’t summer…or the beach in Malibu…and the flying monkeys are irritating, so I don’t think Sgt. Vickers is going to take the job.

Image; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5THoaPmB4Vo


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Steve Bowers
Steve Bowers grew up on a farm in Indiana, attended Indiana University and went into the construction business. While working on a construction project at a law school he was appalled at how lawyers could screw stuff up on a simple building project. Thinking he could do better, Steve went to law school. He’s pretty naive.