APPEASER-IN-CHIEF: Obama’s Deal with Cuba

Written by Allan Erickson on December 21, 2014

“An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile hoping it will eat him last.” – Winston Churchill

In the wake of Obama’s unilateral move to establish warm fuzzies with cold killers in Cuba, the outstanding question is: how do you normalize relations with a monster?

For 50+ years the Castro Brothers have brutalized the Cuban people.  The island is essentially a prison camp, something akin to North Korea.  If you speak out against the Cuban Communist Party, you are persecuted, beaten, jailed or killed.

A recent report from the U.S. State Department details these continuous human rights abuses, abuses repeated in Venezuela with the assistance of the Castro Brothers.  Do not forget, Venezuela is very cozy with Hezbollah and Iran. 

This President, with the help of the Pope, “negotiated” a deal with the Castros to secure the release of an American who was jailed in Cuba five years ago, along with the release of an alleged American spy, one jailed in Cuba 20 years ago. 

In return, Cuba receives diplomatic recognition, and expansive trade advantages.  Cuban officials did not commit to making any changes in terms of human rights improvements, nor did they agree to moving toward a more democratic structure.  All this is supposed to start a process of normalizing relations.

The obvious question is: how is Obama encouraging the Castros to move away from tyranny when he has just enhanced their ability to tighten their grip on the island?  Vague references to normalizing relations does nothing to improve the plight of Cubans.  Increasing trade in the hope things will improve are shown failures, historically. 

As Marco Rubio pointed out today, we increased trade with China only to have China steal our technology, build up its military, spy on our corporations and defense agencies, and threaten the peace.  The average Chinese citizen’s human rights have not been restored one penny’s worth for all the billions of trade transacted between China and the West.   

Will this Obama initiative free the Cuban people?  Will these economic arrangements bring prosperity to the Cuban people?  Of course not.  The money will flow to the Cuban Communist Party.  The Cuban cigar maker will stay poor.  The Cuban tourist worker will still be chained to a 50-hour work week at minimum wage, and if he speaks up, he’ll be jailed and beaten.   Christians will continue languishing in Cuban prisons, and the world will know that America has once again rewarded lawless dictators while giving lip service to freedom, democracy and human rights.

Communists and Jihadists are not fools.  They know that for the next two years at least, there is profit to be made and concessions to be derived by taking Americans hostage, then appealing to the President through the Pope.   The Pushover President has made that very clear, calling this “the right thing to do”, because it “reflects our values”.



Allan Erickson
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