BARACK OBAMA, “The Nowhere Man” (with apologies to The Beatles)   

Written by Larry Usoff on December 1, 2014

This man, Barack Hussein Obama, is a caricature of a real person.  He has no background that anyone can look at because it’s all been sealed up tighter than a drum-head.  The first question, then, is why?  Did he really go to all the schools that he claims?   Did he get good grades…good enough to get him into Harvard?   Was he really a Constitutional lawyer, or a teacher of Constitutional law?  Did he really smoke pot and do crack cocaine as has been mentioned?   Was he, at some point early in his life, “chosen” and manipulated into politics, where it was determined that, if the cards were stacked in the correct manner, he could rise in the Democrat ranks to…dare we say, the Presidency?  

Even his birthplace is shrouded in mystery and, despite the release of a “certificate of birth”, his claim of American citizenship is questioned.  Many experts in forgeries, as well as experts in “photo-shopping” have declared that the birth certificate is a fake. 

Alright, if he wasn’t born in Hawaii as claimed, where then?  It was reported that his family in Kenya said he was born there.  If that’s true, then where does that put this man-from-nowhere insofar as the law, his presidency, and whatever else he’s caused to happen?  Personally, the Kenyan story seems more plausible to me, but I could be wrong.  The facts surrounding the Hawaiian story just don’t seem to jibe, and that’s troubling.  The entire administration seems to hold up lying as a virtue and it is the norm.   Truth is now just a word in the dictionary to them.

Five days before the election in 2008 he said he was going to fundamentally transform America, and that’s probably the one promise he’s kept.   The rest of it, the falling of this country from its lofty perch, the decimation of our armed forces, the hatred garnered from countries that once were, maybe, our friends, that has all come about during the period which I’m going to call The American Dark Ages.  That would be from that fateful day in January 2009, to the fateful day coming in January 2016, when the imposter steps down and, hopefully, we get someone who IS an American and wants this country to succeed.  

There is a story about a camel which was kept outside of the tent in a very bad sandstorm in the desert.  He pleaded with his owner to let him stick his nose inside the tent so it wouldn’t get clogged with sand.  Of course, in this story, the camel CAN talk, but that’s not the point.  Little by little the camel talks his way into the tent and since he is much larger than the owner, the owner is soon OUTSIDE the tent.   So it is with Islam.

Islam is a lot of things…savage, untruthful, devious, barbaric, backward-looking, abhorrent, intolerant, a cult, and that’s just for starters.  It’s also NOT a lot of things…tolerant, truthful, peaceful, or compatible with anything in the civilized world.

Through its practice of taqiyya, which is lying to infidels, and which they have raised to a fine art, they have been infiltrating the civilized world.   Only recently, a high-ranked Muslim Imam was asked, and allowed, to give the opening prayer to Congress.  If that isn’t the camel’s nose in the tent, I don’t know what is.   Oh, wait…I DO know…it’s the textbooks that praise Islam and denigrate Christianity, Judaism, and other religions, if they even mention them.   It’s the TV network Al-Jazeera which spews out it’s one-sided views of the world’s events.  It’s the United Nations, that once-proud assortment of countries dedicated to peace…and now pretty much controlled by Islamist nations dedicated to the destruction of both the Great Satan (the United States) and the Little Satan (Israel). It’s the placement, through manipulations, bribes and even, possibly, murders, for the Man From Nowhere, into the White House.

The very thing that holds this country together, the United States Constitution, is being ignored, or worse, by the Man From Nowhere, and his henchmen.   He has eased Islamists into positions in various agencies and levels of the federal government, maybe as a precursor to taking over in a coup…militarily if necessary, but probably through more manipulations and the acknowledged stupidity of the American people.   Not content with taking over the healthcare of the country, and ruining that in the process, he has been instrumental in forging regulations, along with executive orders,  that hamstring the economy, kill incentive, decimate the armed forces and, in general put the United States in a position to be overwhelmed and defeated, reduced to a third-world power…if you want to call that position “power”.

No, this unknown entity that sits in the Oval Office, is not our friend.  He is a narcissistic incompetent, being manipulated by forces, into doing the worst that he can do.   The oath of office that he took means nothing.  Love of country means nothing because he has not lived the American Experience.   His faith, I believe, lies with the Seventh Century pedophile warlord that founded the cult called Islam.   Somehow, we must learn, through proven facts, the truth about The Man From Nowhere.

Larry Usoff, US Navy Retired,



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