BIRTH NAZIS: Couple Have Newborn Twins Taken By CPS Because They Gave Birth at Home Without Midwife

Published on December 9, 2014

I guess Mary and Joseph would’ve lost custody of Jesus because M&J didn’t have a midwife either.

A devoutly Christian couple from Washington claim their newborn twins and one-year-old son were taken from them by the CPS after neighbors called 911 when they heard the homebirth.

Erica May Carey and Cleave Rengo had their children removed from their custody for two months in September and they say it is because they gave birth to the twins at home without the assistance of a midwife.

The parents also believe that their refusal to travel to hospital with paramedics – who were called to the house after they were alerted by Carey’s birthing cries – contributed to the CPS decision.

Despite their children being returned to them on Friday by the Superior Court of Washington, they are still under state protection and the parents have been ordered to seek counseling as a condition of their return.

Indeed, civil rights campaigners have enthusiastically taken up the cause of Carey and Rengo, claiming that the removal of their children was unlawful.

The state claims that the children were removed for health and domestic reasons and not because of the home birth.

In fact, Carey and Rengo admitted that they only knew they were having twins after the first baby was born, having not had one ultrasound through the pregnancy.

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