GLENN BECK: Calls SNL The ‘Biggest Group Of Pussies On The Planet’

Published on December 9, 2014

Beck telling it like it is. Thoughts on this?

Well, it looks like Glenn Beck won’t be guest hosting “Saturday Night Live” anytime soon.

During a sprawling rant about Sunday’s “blasphemous” “Family Guy” episode in whichPeter Griffin attempts to help Jesus lose his virginity, Glenn Beck paused momentarily to attack “SNL” for not having the courage to adequately mock the nation’s true authority figures.

“‘Saturday Night Live’ is the biggest group of pussies on the planet and here’s why,” Beck said while appearing remotely from New York on the Blaze TV Tuesday morning. “They get up and they have somebody play the president — he doesn’t even try. He doesn’t even try to make himself look like the president, he doesn’t even go for the accent. They don’t do anything like it.”

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