CHRISTMAS REMINDS: Science Doesn’t Have All the Answers

Published on December 21, 2014

by Noreen O’Brien
Clash Daily Contributor

A while back I read an article by Kelly Hollowell who explained the virgin birth of Christ so eloquently. She went into great detail about the sin nature of Adam and how God said to Adam I will put enmity between you and the woman and between your seed and her seed. And how the seed in Eve’s case is referring to a future child.

Kelly explained that to reproduce means a replication of the genetic code, which is how heredity is passed down from generation to generation and since we are all descendants of Adam his sin nature would be passed to all men based on the principle of heredity. Kelly  explains because Christ was most certainly born without sin, his seed had to be planted in Mary’s womb and since no blood passes from mother to child during pregnancy, the child’s circulatory  system is formed and works independently of the mother, Christ was literally born without sin. Exactly the way God said it would happen.

“And the angel said, unto them, fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people.”

These are words spoken to shepherds over 2000 years ago. Words that were foretold to God’s prophets a long time before, of a king and redeemer from the house of David. God foretold Christ’s birth 700 years before it happened.

In Genesis 12: 1-3 — God promised Abraham that kings would descend from him and that in his seed all the nations of the earth would be blessed. Abraham’s most revered descendant?? Jesus.

In Micah 5:2 – “Yet out of  thee shall come forth unto me that is to be ruler in Israel, whose goings forth have been from of old, from Everlasting. (Confirmed in John chapter 17:5.)

From Chronicles 17: 11-15 — “That I will raise up thy seed after thee which shall be thy sons and I will establish His kingdom.”

David’s seed will build a house for God’s name. The seed is Christ.

And then of course in Isaiah 7:14 — “Behold the virgin shall conceive and bear a son and shall call His name Immanuel.”

These prophecies not only anticipate the future birth of Christ, the birth reflects an understanding of genetic technology that man did not have until thousands of years later.

And one last miracle: Christ was born in Bethlehem. “Bethlehem” literally means “House of Bread” in Hebrew and Christ says,” I am the Bread of Life”, he who comes to me shall never hunger. (John 6:35).

My article from last week mentioned that I may be unhopeful for mankind and wondering if it were the end of days. It was of course questioned by a few people and that’s fine, great in fact if it made people think.

This week is Christmas, the time to celebrate Christ’s birth. And even if you don’t believe December 25th. is His birth day, we use it to honor and give thanks to the redeemer.

Christmas is a time when families come together, past grievances forgotten, for a little while anyway, and people are just a little happier, nicer to one another. A miracle in itself really.

There was some question, as there always will be, whether Christ actually existed on this rolling ball of dust in the universe and I can tell you this: a cold calculating, technical mind will always look elsewhere for answers, simplicity just doesn’t enter in to a narrow world view. And the world of science has the narrowest. The simple message of Christ just doesn’t compute; the answer for them has to lie in the close minded scientific explanation.

For unless you can feel, unless you are willing to open your heart and mind to the possibility that Christ was born, spent his short life teaching and then suffered and died on a cross for our sins, eternal life will elude you, always. If you can look at life through a Christian’s eyes, then and only then will you start to see and believe. Unless you start to explain things from a biblical perspective there will always be a nagging doubt in the back of your mind saying maybe science doesn’t have all the answers.

Now I’m not saying science doesn’t have a place in life because science most certainly does have a place. But if you don’t believe in the science of prophecy then consider Christ’s birth.

Even Isaac Newton concluded “Atheism is so senseless.\

Merry Christmas!


Noreen O'BrienNoreen O’Brien is a college grad. with a degree in psychology. Noreen worked for years with troubled teens and their families until the revolving door of liberalism made success for these families impossible. She grew up on cape cod Ma., Sweden, France and England and now makes Maine her home.