SONY MIGHT’VE CAVED to North Korea–Will It Cave to Christians?

Written by Paul Hair on December 21, 2014

Sony allegedly caved to North Korean threats over The Interview so it will now be curious to see what Sony will do when Christians undoubtedly become upset about Preacher, a television series being planned in part by the entertainment corporation.

Many people expressed outrage that Sony yielded to the apparent North Korean cyberattack and physical threats over The Interview, a movie that for now will not be released. They claimed this sets a precedent for suppressing speech. For the record, Sony says it didn’t cave. So we’ll have to wait to see what the full story is.

Regardless of what happened, a Sony cave doesn’t necessarily set a precedent for suppressing speech. For instance, I don’t think Sony will abandon any plans to help make Preacher, a TV series planned for AMC that is sure to offend Christians. I’ll explain why in a moment but first here’s some background on Preacher.

Preacher was a comic book series released in the 1990s. It was a story full of blasphemy and other filth.

Monte Williams provides an in-depth critique and review of the series, and he reveals a sampling of what you’ll find in Preacher (I’ve edited the vulgarities but left in all the blasphemy and profanity).

Here, then, are some of the many things Preacher has to say about God:

Tulip, who freely admits “I think He’s a piece of s***,” asks Jesse, “What will you do when you get the Almighty by the balls?” Custer—who refers to God at one point as “the good f***in’ Lord” and later demands, “Where is He?! Where the f*** is God?!” and boasts, “God don’t stand a f***in’ chance”—offers a succinct reply: “Squeeze.”

An angel protests Jesse’s callous blasphemy by insisting, “But he is the Lord of Hosts!” Jesse answers, “Yeah, an’ he can wait his g**d*** turn.”

Jesse, by the way, is the protagonist of the series. His last name is Custer. Who else has the initials, “J. C.”? Also, if you’re thinking, “That’s a lot of use of the f-word,” you’re correct. The opening paragraph of the review addresses how much the creators of Preacher enjoy all the various forms of it.

There is much more of what you’ll find in Preacher in Williams’s review. Read it if you want the full effect.

So there will be plenty for Christians to protest about if and when Preacher finally is made and promotion for it starts. But will Sony listen to these objections if they occur? If history is any guide, then I doubt it will. Christians, after all, don’t make violent threats as a group. Therefore (again, regardless of what happened with The Interview) I would expect Hollywood to rally behind the show and its creators while congratulating them for being “courageous” in the face of “danger.”

And if this occurs it will be significant. It will be yet another example of how peaceful and lawful objections often fail with modern America while violence (or the threat thereof) often succeeds. And as more people start to figure this out . . . well, let’s just say it won’t be good for any of us.

By the way, you know who one of the principle people is in developing the proposed Preacher TV series? Seth Rogen—one of the stars of The Interview. This makes what will happen with Preacher that much more interesting.

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