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THE DEMONIC CONSEQUENCES OF BS: Lack Of Facts Produces Dangerous Fictions

There are deadly consequences to liberal misinformation.

BY NOEMIE EMERY, Washington Examiner

It’s been a bad couple of weeks for the liberals’ narrative outlook on life. One after another of their favorite genres has blown up in their faces as they have been caught telling and promoting stories that were too good to be true.

There was the gender-based theme, as the Rolling Stone tale of the horrendous gang rape at the University of Virginia went the way of the Duke lacrosse story — an elaborate hoax put on by the self-styled victim with no connection whatever to fact. A feminist student complained that “to let fact-checking define the narrative” would be a “mistake.” But a narrative without facts is simply a fiction and a lie that does damage to innocent people.

Damage to innocents is seldom a problem for the drivers of narratives, but it is for the people they hope to win over. This is a loss for the sisters in their war on the war against women, coming on top of the midterm elections. We can call this strike one.

There was no fact-checking around Ferguson, Mo., in August, because the story itself was so good. A 300-pound thief who picked a fight with a cop was turned into a “child” who was cruelly gunned down by a Bull Connor cutout. The incident became the excuse to loot and burn buildings, and then the excuse for the underemployed in large urban centers to lie down in crosswalks and block major arteries.

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