DO YOU KNOW? A Question Not Just for Mary

Written by Judy Rice on December 24, 2014

I have been unusually blown away and inspired by Christmas music this year. My daughter’s performance of “He Has Come for Us” in her school production left me in a pool of tears. Then she sang “Silent Night” in another production and brought tears to even her teacher’s eyes. How and where did one of my children get such a beautiful voice when I can’t carry a tune if it had a handle on it?

Her singing just blew me away and made me so proud, but then there was some highly inspiring music. For example, who would have guessed that a song called “What God Wants for Christmas” by Darius Rucker, would inspire someone to turn some books sideways that were facing forward, with the cover fully displayed entitled I Declare by Joel Osteen in Barnes and Nobles? Someone I know may or may not have done that and then proceeded to walk away from the display with the song in her head and thinking that move no doubt made God smile.

Another song that truly took my breath away this season was “Mary Did You Know”? I lost count of how many times I listened to the version by the Pentatonix. Did you know that group is an accapella group? No instruments! How cool is that? The video that they produced for the song is definitely something to see. I love the setting in a cave which, no doubt, symbolizes the empty tomb.

How amazing to be kissing your baby and the face of God at the same time? That sleeping Child she was holding is the great I am! Mary is truly blessed among all women, past, present and future. Do you know that?

Do you know that God wants you to know His Son? This isn’t a secret at all. This information is all written out for you in the Bible. Do you know that the gospel accounts in the Bible can be proven in a court of law beyond a reasonable doubt? No honest lawyer or historian can honestly speak intelligently against these eyewitness accounts. The evidence is overwhelming and it is all there for you. Evidence is at your finger tips if you dare to look for it.

Do you know that knowing the Lord Jesus has redeemed you gives you such incredible peace; no matter what your circumstances and even if your circumstances never improve this side of Heaven?

Do you know that the world is made up of only two types of people? We are either unredeemed sinners or redeemed sinners. Lost or saved are the only two options. Do you know that God can change your “sinner status” if you choose to accept His Son?

Do you know that my heart’s desire for every single life that touches mine and for even those that never do is that you know and choose Christ and nothing else? Did you know that will change your eternal destination? What must we do for this to happen?

Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved, you and your household (Acts 16:31). This is my prayer for you and yours this season and always. Merry Christmas!

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Judy Rice is the proud mother of teenage triplets, Jillian, Spencer and Derek and wife to Gary, one of the most loving, hardworking, honorable men in the world. She is a Christian who is a huge fan of traditional marriage, freedom, and is pro- life to the core. She has a Masters in Counseling from DePaul University in Chicago and a Bachelors degree in Communications from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Before kids, she worked as a counselor, advisor and teacher at the university level. She clarified her world view in her thirties and believes her most valuable education continues to come from reading the Bible, reading in general, listening, paying attention and participating in meaningful communication wherever it occurs.