‘DISRESPECT MY SON AND I’LL UNLEASH HELL’: American Sniper’s Dad Reads Eastwood The Riot Act

Published on December 23, 2014

Bradley Cooper and Clint Eastwood asked father of American Sniper Chris Kyle for permission to make Navy Seal hero film- and were told: ‘Disrespect my son and I’ll unleash Hell.’

The father of Chris Kyle, the deadliest sniper in US history, has revealed how he told Clint Eastwood he faced ‘Hell’ if he tarnished his son’s heroic reputation with a Hollywood film about his life.

Wayne Kyle said he looked into the eyes of the veteran director and warned him: ‘Disrespect my son and I’ll unleash Hell on you.’

Eastwood and actor Bradley Cooper, who plays Kyle in the upcoming film ‘American Sniper’, both assured him they wouldn’t do anything to cause the family any anguish.

‘They looked me in the eye and told me they would honor my son’s memory. That was good enough for me,’ said 65-year-old Kyle.

‘Both Mr Eastwood and Mr Cooper were men I could trust. They were very open and engaging and did not want to hide anything.’

The astonishing confrontation came as 84-year-old Eastwood met with Kyle to discuss his latest movie.

The film tells the story of his son Chris during his four tours of duty in Iraq from 2003 to 2008 where he killed as many as 255 insurgents with his high powered sniper rifle.

The deadly toll makes him the most lethal shot in US military history.

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