WHAT A LITTLE TOAD: De Blasio Blames The Media And Paints Himself As A Victim

Published on December 23, 2014


This guy’s a piece of work, eh?

By Michael Goodwin, The New York Post

Emerging from his hidey-hole to give a midday speech yesterday, Mayor de Blasio bore a suitably funereal demeanor. He called for all New Yorkers to embrace and respect the families of the slain police officers, and urged a moratorium on protests until after the officers were laid to rest.

His prepared remarks were pedestrian, but appropriate in tone and substance, and well received by a friendly audience. Facing his first real crisis in City Hall, he seemed to be doing his best to hold his own emotions in check and hold the city together.

Then he blew it. Late in the day, the mask of conciliation came off. Actually, he ripped it off with a snarl and gave vent to his smoldering anger at what he regards as the real culprit.

No, it’s not the protesters who beat and spit on cops and accuse them of being the KKK. It definitely isn’t the mobs chanting for dead cops. Nor is it those who shut down highways, bridges and invade stores to disrupt the holiday season.

The real problem, as de Blasio sees it, is the media. I kid you not — he actually shot the messenger.

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