‘ENJOY RAPE’: Playmate Comes Under Fire For Insane Advice

Published on December 11, 2014

Not only is this sickening it’s doubly freaky once you find out the source of her ‘sage wisdom.’

MANILA – TV actress Nathalie Hart, formerly known as Princess Snell, has come under fire after sharing on Instagram a “lesson” she supposedly learned from her father about rape.

Hart, who made headlines in 2013 when she agreed to appear on the cover of Playboy Philippines, posted early this week a photo of a woman sitting on top of a pile of luggage with the text: “If rape is inevitable, lay back and enjoy it.”

In the photo’s caption, Hart said, unedited: “According to my dads lesson: If rape is inevitable, lay back and enjoy it! #ihavethebestadvicer #mvdadisthebest hahaha”

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The post has since been deleted from Hart’s Instagram page.

Among those who responded to Hart’s “joke” was radio personality Mo Twister, who shared a screenshot of the Filipino-British actress’ post on his own page. “Okay doll, looks like I have to unfollow you now,” he said in the caption.

Okay doll, looks like I have to unfollow you now. @imnathaliehart

A photo posted by Mo Twister (@djmotwister) on

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