‘PETTY ASSH*LES: ‘Daily Show’ Skewers Whiny Atheists Who Made Restaurant Drop Its Prayer Discount

Atheists get grilled in this hilarious segment on the Daily Show. Enjoy.

In a comical “Daily Show” segment that aired this week, comedian Jordan Klepper lambasted an atheist activist group and defended Mary’s Gourmet Diner — the restaurant in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, that dropped its 15 percent discount for “praying in public” after the Freedom From Religion Foundation claimed discrimination and threatened to take action.

After sitting down for separate interviews with atheist leader Dan Barker and diner owner Mary Haglund, Klepper, who is also an atheist, concluded that secular activists protesting the prayer discount have been “petty ass***es” and that they need to “lighten the f*** up.”

“Under the law Selma and a 15 percent discount are the same thing,” Barker, co-president of the Freedom From Religion Foundation told a perplexed Klepper. “In one case it was race or skin color and in another case it’s religion.”

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