European Court of Human Rights: On The Other Side of Crazy for Islam

Written by Audrey Russo on December 7, 2014

As the West continues its craven cower at the feet of the tyrannical system known as Islam, every-so-often they display the cracks in their cowardly cranium as they have once again reached the other side of crazy…

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) told France this week that delays in bringing detained Somali pirates before a judge were unacceptable. The eight pirates were arrested after attacking two French ships on separate occasions back in 2008 off the Somali coast.

The ECHR said French authorities were wrong to keep the pirates in custody for an additional 48 hours after arriving on French soil, instead of “promptly” presenting them before a judge. Basically, these Muslim thugs should have been presented “without delay” to a judge when they arrived on French territory.

So, now France must pay EACH of these thieves 5,000 euros (about $6,200) for “moral damages”. The Strasbourg-based court said the delay comprised a “violation of their rights to freedom and security.”

If these wasn’t so egregious, it would be laughable.

Let’s remember something…these individuals are thugs, who violently kidnap and pillage innocents on the sea. They violate others “rights to freedom and security” on a daily basis.

Did the ECHR hit a bong before they made this decision?

And, let’s also remember history here…in his book Holy Warriors: Islam and the Demise of Classical Civilization, John J. O’Neill shared that it was Muslim piracy, much more than regular warlike activity, that brought classical civilization in the West to an end.

The only proven way to end the acts of these barbarians is to stop them dead:
— The Crusaders in Europe during the 11th century, brought Muslim piracy, temporarily, to an end.
— The US Navy brought the Muslim Barbary Pirates activities to an end.

And it will again take Military strength to stop the current crop, and deter future fiends at sea. But that won’t happen by rewarding them with compensation for following the ways of their prophet, who whenever he needed funds he raided, pillaged and plundered caravans, towns and villages.

It’s time for the uninformed infidels in Europe to remove their faces from kissing Islam’s prayer rug, and stand up for FREE PEOPLE…rather than those who PERSECUTE free people.

Shalom through strength…



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