BEING ‘GRUBERED’ BY GOV’T: Trying to Understand It

Published on December 17, 2014

by Les Weaver
Clash Daily Contributor

I watched the first House Oversight hearings that questioned Mr. Gruber. Prior to those hearings, I had heard and seen about 12 of Mr. Gruber’s recorded statements about the foolish acceptance of ObamaCare details by the people and also also just over half of the congress. My attempt to define either “being Grubered” or what a “Gruber” is, was puzzling at best. Then it suddenly came to me.

Here I go back about 64 years to 1950 and a then small town in Eastern WA. I recall that few high school teens had access to cars but I do recall one teen that had a ’37 Olds and another, a ’39 Ford. On Friday and Saturday night these cars were often occupied at the local Drive-In Movie. Very often little attention was paid to the movie but rather the sales pitch of the automobile provider, (The Gruber). The quotes to the proposed victim, (Gruberee) included that “what I propose you will enjoy and in the morning, I will still love you”. But if the Gruberee became victim to the sales pitch, what did the morning bring? Too often, a big mouth Gruber would spread details of the conquest to all that would listen in the high school and include how “stupid” the Gruberee was to believe the sales pitch.

Yep; that was being “Grubered”, we just didn’t know what to call it. It wasn’t invented through ObamaCare, it was preceded by sales pitches in the back seat of a 37 Olds or 39 Ford and many sites decades before. It has more recently been elevated as a tool for the highest government authority and expanded from an automobile back seat to every household in the Nation. I anticipate that being Grubered may make the Thesaurus soon as it is very descriptive of falling prey to false sales pitch and then being exposed as “stupid”.

I am not happy to yet again be GRUBERED by my government.