GUN FREE ZONES + Religion Of ‘Peace’ = Jihad

So, another deadly Jihad attack on innocent, unarmed civilians in the West is over. The Muslim, Man Haron Monis, took control of a Lindt Chocolate store in Sydney, Australia, took hostages and…thanks to the diligence of Australian law enforcement…the Jihadist was sent to his 72 virgins (all the spitting image of Hillary).

Australia’s PM Abbott said concerning the Muslim terrorist, “We don’t know the motivation.”

Really? How is that possible since Islamic analysts and researchers have been telling us the motivation of these Jihadists for years?

Here’s the basic formula for a Jihad attack: Islamic terrorist (devout follower of the religion of “peace” ), PLUS a Gun-free zone (the perfect milieu), RESULTS IN a Jihad attack.

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Here are some simple facts about an Islamic terrorist’s motivation:
527 verses in the Quran are intolerant to non-Muslims.
— Everyone of the the 245 peaceful verses have been abrogated.
109 verses call on Muslims to make war on non-Muslims.

Many of these verses have been quoted by Islamists who have committed Jihad OR by their supporters. YET, these quotes have been roundly dismissed by the Leftist media and Western leaders.

The funny coincidence concerning the milieu for Jihad is: Every place in which these Jihadists have attacked innocent non-Muslims, has been a zone with strict gun laws…and you can bet these Islamists took that factor into consideration. After all, what Jihadist would walk into a situation where they could be destroyed, BEFORE they eliminated non-Muslims?

Strict gun laws come courtesy of Leftists/Fascists, the control-freaks of our culture. They long to abrogate any rights afforded citizens that enhance their free will. They too realize that an armed citizenry can never be conquered, so…they register guns, and then under the guise of “safety”…they confiscate them.

If we intend to survive this ever-amplifying evil, we need to: 1) Educate ourselves concerning this enemy of freedom, namely Islam, by reading the Quran and the works of authors such as (Raymond IbrahimRobert SpencerPamela GellerWalid Shoebat, et al), and 2) Demand our representatives follow the Constitution concerning our gun rights, and do all they can to restore this right.

Because a defenseless and ignorant people, is a doomed people.

Shalom through strength…



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Audrey Russo is the Host of the weekly REELTalk Radio Show (NYC). Audrey writes a column for and handles Middle East/National Security/Terrorism/Cultural Issues, and her articles can be read in several other news/opinion journals. She is also a contributor on Audrey's Radio Show can also be heard on the Leading Edge Radio Network. Audrey is also an active member of the NYC performing arts community as a singer and actor.


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