OBAMA CALLED ‘JUNGLE MONKEY’? Sharpton, Race Hustlers Silent!

Published on December 29, 2014

by Andrew Allen
Clash Daily Contributor

It’s hard to find real racism in America. The left admits racism isn’t as widespread as it was generations ago. That’s why they came up with the idea of “institutional racism”. It gives them a way to cry “racism” even when there is none – instead they pretend that it’s so deeply woven into the fabric of daily life it can’t be seen anymore but is still there. It’s important to cry “racism” any and every chance they get.

The charge of “racism” is used as a rhetorical molotov. Tossing it out in the middle of an argument or making it an accusation against someone helps to silence any discussion that might have taken place. Just like what’s gone on with the post-Ferguson anti-police protests. These are the same people that beg for a “national conversation on race”. As if every single day in America isn’t spent discussing race in some manner or form. Their “national conversation” is less a dialogue and more a never ending nag-fest fixated on racism, racism, and more racism.

Is it any wonder, North Korea awkwardly made a racist comment about President Barack Obama? STate-run media compared Obama to a “monkey” running wild through a “tropical forest”. This wasn’t a comment made for domestic consumption inside North Korea – aside from the ruling elites the vast majority of North Koreans have never seen a black person and wouldn’t understand the comparison between a black person, a monkey, or a tropical forest. Black people, jungles, and monkeys are just not a part of the North Korean cultural lexicon.

More likely, Pyongyang propogandists have simply observed all that’s been going on in America lately. They’ve watched the same news we have. They’ve seen the sorry parade of race hustlers and their mainstream media apologists. Taking all that into account they came up with the “monkey wild in a jungle” slur in an attempt to fuel race-based animosity in America. A weird strategy? Sure. But considering all the other weirdness that’s come out of North Korea? It kindasorta fits right in.

Less weird is the reaction of all those race hustlers and media apologists to this overt act of real racism. The same crowd that pretends an invisible “institutional racism” is proven by everything from climate change to the price of broccoli at the grocery store doesn’t seem to have a lot to say about Barack Obama being called a “jungle monkey”. Other than actually using the “n” word, calling a black person a “jungle monkey” is about as racist as it gets. Not a peep from the grievance industry.

The race hustlers owe America an answer. Why do they not treat the for-real, in-your-face racism of Pyongyang with the same rage they express towards make believe racism at home in America?

Is it because “racism” has gone the way of the car alarm. When car alarms first came out, if one went off — especially the one that cycled through four or five different alarm sounds just as annoying as the chorus in Hanson’s “Mmm bop” — people would look out their windows or step outside to see if a real car theft was taking place.

Fast-forward to the present and what happens when a car alarm goes off. Windows close. People turn their TV’s up. Anything but anything to drown out the modern day equivalent of the little boy who cried wolf.

Or is there some other reason North Korea gets a pass and instead we continue to be nagged with claims that the NYPD is the same as the Ku Klux Klan, and that the only way to eradicate racism from police departments is to force beat cops to obtain permission slips before interacting with the people they encounter?

The Sainted Al of Sharpton and all the rest owe us an answer.

Image: http://www.atoast2wealth.com/2011/10/02/rev-al-sharpton-and-nan-allegedly-involved-in-possible-bogus-stimulus-check-scam-on-senior-citizens/

Andrew Allen (Dunn)Andrew Allen grew up in the American southeast and for more than two decades has worked as an information technologies professional in Washington DC, southern California, and abroad variously in Europe, Africa, and parts of Asia. A former far-left activist, Allen became a conservative in the late 1990s, once emboldened to begin questioning his own leftist points of view. When not working IT issues or traveling Andrew Allen spends his free time with family, exercising, and writing.