ROLLING STUPID: Rolling Stone UVA Rape Story Is A Mixture of Crap And Lies

Published on December 7, 2014

The girl who cried rape…that didn’t work out so well.

By Hanna Rosin, Slate

Is that such a good idea? Her reputation will be shot for the next four years.

She’s gonna be the girl who cried “rape,” and we’ll never be allowed into any frat party again.

These two quotes, from Rolling Stone’s fast unraveling story about a gang rape at the University of Virginia, were possibly the most suspicious in the story. The quotes are part of a scene that happens after the alleged gang rape, when Jackie, the woman who said she was raped, calls three friends who come to help her. One suggests they take her to the hospital, but then the other two respond with the above. It’s not that I found it hard to believe that college kids could be dismissive of a friend’s claim that she was assaulted. That probably happens all the time, and it especially happens in the nervous first few weeks of freshman year….

Well, apparently she didn’t talk to the friends, or at least one of them, who told the Washington Post last night that the account of what transpired after the alleged rape was not accurate.

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