TORTURE REPORT, ETC: Here The Left Goes–Again

Written by Teri O'Brien on December 11, 2014

People were left scratching their heads in the wake of the Tuesday, December 9, 2014 release of the so-called “torture report” by Sen. Diane Feinstein and her fellow democrats. While presenting this $40 million dollar anti-American screed on the Senate floor, Sen. Feinstein stated,

There are those who will seize upon the report and say “see what Americans did,” and they will try to use it to justify evil actions or to incite more violence. We cannot prevent that. But history will judge us by our commitment to a just society governed by law and the willingness to face an ugly truth and say “never again.”

Indeed. some of those who have “seized” on this report include the leaders of those shining bastions of human rights, North Korea, whose citizens suffer unspeakable horrors, including deliberate starvation, at the hands of their government; China, whose government subjects women to forced abortions, and the worthless United Nations, that recently appointed Iran to several of its human rights committees. Iran? That Iran? From The Washington Free Beacon:

Iran has been appointed to several key United Nations committees that oversee the protection of women’s rights and global human rights.

Iran—which leads the world in executions and recently ordered the hanging a 26-year-old rape victim—was voted late Wednesday into a coveted spot on the U.N. Economic and Social Council’s Commission on the Status of Women (CSW).

Tehran’s representative at the United Nations will now serve a four-year term on the committee, which is tasked with protecting women’s rights across the globe.

This is the same U.N. that, thanks to this report, is now demanding that American officials and C.I.A. agents who worked tirelessly to prevent another 9/11 be prosecuted for their efforts. 

So many questions arise. What in the world could motivate the U.S. Senate to release a report that its main proponent admits might cause the incitement of violence against Americans, and which inspired anti-American rants from countries like Iran? The risk that’s it could cause attacks on her fellow citizens is apparently a risk Sen. Feinstein is quite happy to take.

How can a guy like Barack Obama, who sends drones to terminate innocent American citizens with extreme prejudice, like the 16 year-old son of terrorist sleazebag al-Alwaki, refer to enhanced interrogations, and sanctimoniously lecture us about our taking “some steps that were contrary to who we are, contrary to our values?” Last I checked Khalid Sheik Mohammed was alive, notwithstanding that horrific waterboarding. What in the Wild Wild World of Sports is going on here?

Let me clarify that, for those of you who need it, which I suspect is a small percentage of Clash Daily readers. The question isn’t why these traitors would spend $40 million interviewing terrorist-loving lawyers, and no one from the CIA, not incidentally, to create an “America sucks, and George W. Bush is evil” report. The question is why we would expect anything different from this bunch. 

One may as well ask why the President of the United States would urge people, who are obviously completely clueless about the facts of the cases that they claim are causing their outrage, to engage in street demonstrations, which the current occupant of the Oval Office also did just this week. Given that these imbecile protesters are marching around chanting “hands up, don’t shoot,” supposedly referring to the incident in Ferguson, Missouri, when there was no “hands up moment,” you’d think the president would want to point that out, wouldn’t you? You would, unless you knew who Barack Obama is, and what the Left has done since time immemorial. 

The confluence of these events, the Obama Regime’s cynical use of two grand jury verdicts to stoke the fires of racial resentment, and the release of this so-called “torture report,” shines a bright light on just what the current Democrat party has become. It is no longer the party of Jack Kennedy, Hubert Humphrey or Scoop Jackson. That Democrat party is as much a part of history as the quill pen and the rotary phone.

Obama’s Democrat party is the party of Bill Ayers, and Frank Marshall Davis, members of what the late great Jean Kirkpatrick called “the America is always wrong” club, a crypto-Communist organization that behaves like every other radical leftist bunch for the last 100 years. They understand that, in order to implement their utopian vision, deception is essential, at least until they have achieved sufficient power to use brute force. So, in the service of their grand vision, they engage in two techniques on prominent display here; specifically:

They rewrite history.
George Orwell famously said “The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history”, a fact that he brought to life in his classic novel 1984. In that book, the Regime’s “Ministry of Truth” used revisionist history as its primary form of propaganda.

Today, the Obama Regime, through its Democrat apparatchiks in the U.S. Senate, is trying to erase the reality of the days after 9/11. The reality is that enhanced interrogation methods that they are now attempting to characterize as “torture” were legal, and they saved lives, at least according to former CIA Directors George J. Tenet, Porter J. Goss and Michael V. Hayden (a retired Air Force general), and former CIA Deputy Directors John E. McLaughlin, Albert M. Calland (a retired Navy vice admiral). None of these men were interviewed as part of creating this report, a fact that makes it clear that the objective was not to find out the truth, but rather to smear the Bush administration, which leads me to the other time-honored leftist tactic on display here:

They criminalize  political differences.
Leftist regimes are notorious for using the criminal justice system to take retribution on their political opponents. Consider the recent prosecution of Gov. Rick Perry, for vetoing state funding for a public integrity unit, which is overseen by a woman with a drunken driving charge, which even the New York Times called “overzealous”. That’s just one recent example of many, including the despicable persecution of Tom DeLay and Elliot Abrams, among others.

They play the race card.
The old Soviet Union notoriously tried to exploit America’s “racism” to recruit African-Americans as spies, and the playbook hasn’t changed. Barack Obama is the most successful race hustler in the history of the world. But for his mixed race he would still be on a Chicago street corner with his clipboard and bullhorn, trying to stir up rage among poor black people. He continues to exploit race, just this week lamenting America’s  deeply rooted racism on Black Entertainment TV on December 9, 2014.

These most recent disgraces, the “torture report” and the encouragement of a false narrative about Ferguson, by the Democrats should be cautionary examples for every American voter. 

Let me remind you again. The Left lies.

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