TRAITOROUS OBAMA REGIME: Gives Dictators Best Week Ever

Written by Teri O'Brien on December 18, 2014

On last week’s edition of the Teri O’Brien Show, we discussed the banal, so-called “news” coverage of the Democrats’ disgusting “torture report,” which didn’t report anything (especially not any torture) other than the foregone conclusion that “America sucks,” and “George W. Bush was evil”, using hearsay designed to support these threadbare mantras that liberals have been bleating with numbing predictability for over a decade. What did this report actually reveal by retelling alleged horror stories about the mistreatment of subhuman terrorists determined to murder as many Americans as possible?

Democrat members of Congress like Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein had been briefed more than once about the enhanced interrogation techniques. Notwithstanding that fact, suddenly, they are overcome with shock and outrage over the actions taken by brave men who did what was necessary to keep our country safe. A four-year investigation by a career prosecutor determined that no laws were broken by those patriots, which means that by definition, there was no “torture,” a crime with specific elements, not just an epithet hurled at political opponents.

These facts left some of the brilliants analysts and chin-pullers on cable TV flummoxed, as they endlessly debated “was it torture or wasn’t it?” “Did it work?” “Did this program betray our values?” “What does it say about who we are?” It’s hard to watch this ridiculous drivel, even for me. It’s almost a relief to see the commercials featuring overweight women gyrating with delight over their incontinence products, or those creepy Cybergenics ads, with the 60-something guy bragging about his constant sexual desire while his wife, obviously half his age (his daughter’s college roommate, perhaps?) nods approvingly.

As usual, these brainiacs are missing the point. Those aren’t the right questions about this $50 million disgraceful, partisan stunt. The question that everyone should have been asking, and the one we asked on the show, is: “What does this reveal about the current Democrat party?” The answer is obvious, and as we watch it play out, the result should make every American fear for what the next two years hold. 

That obvious answer is that this torture report demonstrates that the current Democrat party is not the party of Jack Kennedy, Scoop Jackson or Hubert Humphrey. Like you, I have major disagreements with some of the policies that those men supported, but they were members of a political party that, in a contest between our country and its enemies, was on America’s side. That changed in the late 1960’s.

The current Democrat party is the party of self-declared “small ‘c’ communist” and Obama ghostwriter Bill Ayers, Obama’s card-carrying communist mentor, Frank Marshall Davis and Barack Hussein Obama himself, a crypto-communist, dedicated to delivering payback to racist America. It is the political party that enthusiastically embraces the Left’s view of America, which the late Jean Kirkpatrick called “The America is Always Wrong Club,” a dangerous fifth column working to destroy the country we grew up in. So, naturally, they attack the CIA and other intelligence agencies trying to preserve it.

On Wednesday, December 17, right on cue, B. Hussein announced his desire to throw an economic lifeline to his fellow communists in Cuba, which couldn’t have come at a better time for them, since their patron Venezuela has fallen on hard, or I should say even harder, times given those falling oil prices. Way to go, Barry! Way to rescue your fellow reds! Frank Marshall Davis is looking up at you, so full of pride that he might be able to temporarily not notice that he is burning in hell. 

While we are all delighted to see Alan Gross, who was unjustly held by the Cuban dictatorship and is in poor health, returned to the United States, once again, Obama demonstrates his pathetic negotiation skills. In exchange for Mr. Gross, and an unidentified intelligence asset, he gave up three Cuban spies whose actions led to the murder of four Americans, Carlos Costa, Armando Alejandre, Jr., Mario de la Peña, and Pablo Morales, pilots working for the organization Brothers to The Rescue in 1996. (For more about this organization, and some of the horrific crimes perpetrated by the Castro Regime, I recommend that you read this post from the blog Notes From the Cuban Exile Quarter.)

Not coincidentally, on this same day, Sony Pictures succumbed to terrorist threats from North Korea, and pulled the release of the movie The Interview, which is about a plot to assassinate their Dear Leader, who looks like the Pillsbury Doughboy with a really bad haircut. Don’t let the goofy appearance fool you. This guy is runs one of the most brutal and vicious dictatorships on the planet, notorious for its labor camps and starvation of its people. He should be dragged in front of that International Criminal Court where liberals would like to see Dick Cheney tried. Now, he’s throwing his weight around, censoring not only North Korean freedom of expression, but also yours. 

As it turns out, the NORKS and Cuba are pretty tight. The Castro brothers have been helping their comrades get their hands on some modern weapons. From Forbes, reporting on a UN investigation of North Korean efforts to circumvent sanctions imposed in 2009:

A North Korean-Cuban weapons deal involves fighter planes and surface-to-air missiles that are buried under tons of sugar. The North Korean ship travels with transponders off to evade international tracking and tests the route through the Panama Canal prior to executing the mission. The ship’s mission and cargo are known only to senior ship personnel who communicate via secret codes with superiors and DPRK Embassy staff in Cuba tasked to support the transaction. The ship makes an unrecorded stop at a neighboring port to load cargo without receipts in contravention of standard commercial practice.  Payments for the shipment are made through a network of shadowy front companies with offices stretching from Vladivostok to Singapore. The senior DPRK general who traveled to Havana to negotiate the Cuban deal weeks prior to the shipment appears to have been sacked as a result of the vessel’s interdiction in Panama. …

The UN report reveals North Korea’s desperation even for out-of-date military arms components. If the North Korean-flagged Chong Chon Gang had been successful in bringing its MiG-21 cargo to North Korea, the transaction with Cuba might have been the biggest sale of fighter plane related equipment since a MiG sale from Kazakhstan in 1999. The Chong Chon Gang cargo included mint-condition rocket propelled grenades (RPGs) that are essential to North Korea’s efforts to extend its conventional reach on the peninsula as USFK command elements transition south from Seoul to Pyeongtaek.

So let’s recap. The Obama regime cozies up to the murderous Castro regime, which has been facilitating North Korea’s covert and illegal activities to avoid international sanctions.  On the same day, we learn that the North Korean regime is responsible for a cyber-attack on Sony Pictures and threats of terrorism over the content of a movie that they find “offensive.” Unlike the TV talking pinheads, I am certain that you have connected the dots. 

Clearly, the “leading from behind” foreign policy championed by Barack Obama is accomplishing its objective; specifically, diminishing the role of America in the world, and as a result, emboldening evil in the world. 

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