Written by R.G. Yoho on December 15, 2014

Despite the fact that there are already over 47 million Americans on food stamps, President Obama deliberately chose to increase those numbers by adding over five million Illegal Aliens to the list.

Obama claimed that his Executive Order was initiated because Congress wouldn’t act on the issue.

What Obama conveniently and deliberately failed to tell you is that Democrats controlled BOTH the House and Senate during his first term of office.

Please allow me to revisit that fact: Democrats controlled BOTH houses of Congress while Obama was in the White House.

That is how we got Obamacare, something for which Senate Democrats deliberately had to break their own rules to pass.

Therefore, if Congress failed to grant amnesty to illegals, Obama has nobody to blame on that one except for himself and those within his own party.

Could it be that House and Senate Democrats refused to pass amnesty for illegals because they feared passing the legislation would cost them votes at home?

And, ultimately, it did!

And please let me be the first to welcome all you new undocumented Democrats to America!
You left your own countries because they were havens of Socialism, corrupt nations with no rule of law, controlled by roving bands of drug dealers, with little freedom of speech or expression, and no jobs.

However, as a result of Obama’s latest Executive Order, you will now suddenly begin getting more and more Socialism here, which eventually caused your last country to be a place from which you wanted to flee.

Obama has clearly decided that he is opposed to America’s greatness. His willingness to bow to foreign leaders and dictators is an outward indication that he inwardly believes the United States should be brought low before the world.

And now he’s doing it.

Obama’s transformation of America is going swimmingly.

If Obama has his way, the United States will become exactly like the Third World countries from which you are now fleeing.

Welcome to America!

My advice to you is this:

As soon as you get yourselves settled in, go out and sign up for Welfare immediately.

After all, it’s selfish for someone to think you ought to work here in America. And besides, there weren’t any jobs in your homeland. So you’re used to it already. The only major difference is that we will now feed you here.


And as soon as you unpack, perhaps you should go down to the local Emergency Room and get yourselves checked out.

I know. I know. There isn’t really anything wrong with your health. But what will it hurt to confirm that fact?

It’s free!

Another thing to add to your “To Do” list upon arrival is to apply for your driver’s license.

Don’t worry about studying for the exam, because it would be racist for the good folks at the BMV to fail you.

Perhaps most important of all is that you must vote early and often.

That is precisely the tried-and-trusted method by which liberals in Washington gain office and maintain their power.

And when you go to cast your ballot(s), be sure and leave your new driver’s license in your purse or wallet. You won’t need it to vote. And those who ask to see it at the polling place are just a bunch of racists.

This is where it gets sort of confusing.

Obama only demands that you present your driver’s license when you’re seeking to get your free benefits, which somehow isn’t racist, like it would be if they demanded your license at the polling place.

Please don’t ask me to explain it.

And to all of you who entered our country illegally, above all else, it is critical that you don’t try to fit in here. Make no effort to learn English or in any way assimilate into the culture.

You are officially a Democrat now, which means you can immediately start trying to destroy our nation like every other Liberal dirt-bag in Washington.

But once you’ve succeeded in undermining the United States and it’s way of life, once you’ve made sure that you’ve filled Washington with an even greater number of Socialistic thugs, and once you’ve transformed this nation into a place like the one you just left, I ask you to please answer me one simple question…

Where will you flee to next?



R.G. Yoho is a Western author who has published seven books, including “Death Comes to Redhawk,” along with a non-fiction work entitled “America’s History is His Story.”