Written by Steve Pauwels on January 6, 2015

Over the holidays, one of Barack Obama’s wind-up-toy spokesmen surfaced on FoxNews‘ Saturday “Business Block” – blustering haplessly about America’s allegedly resurgent economy and how his boss essentially deserves all the credit for it. Like the self-inflated rooster who throws out his chest because the sun rose while he was cock-a-doodle-dooing, this president and his entranced cheerleaders undeterredly boom anything and everything praiseworthy as his handiwork. If it’s a convenient development, and it happens to unfold while Obama happens to be seated behind the Resolute Desk,  in their telling he gets the props for it. 

The recent plunge in gas and oil prices, for instance — a fortuitous state of affairs which has appeared not because of any strategic and irresistible energy perspicacity from Barack Obama. Contrary to the propagandistic tripe peddled by his groupies, the fossil fuel boon is traced to plucky private sector actors, operating on private property, exploring, developing, inventing. Drill, baby, drill. 

As Victor Davis Hanson (via Michael Cummings) has acerbically noted: “What Obama once ridiculed is now saving him from himself — after he had championed policies that nearly destroyed him…The Greeks had a word for it: irony.”

Meanwhile, on Federal lands? The Obama-smitten Left endures as much an obstacle as ever to cheaper fuel prices (see the deathless harassment against the Keystone Pipeline). 

What about the supposed broader economic “rebound”? “This has happened without much real help from Washington,” clarifies December 31st’s National Review, “and indeed policy has been counterproductive overall, creating new obstacles to the creation of jobs and wealth. Conservatives … should … make the case that better policies would have made for a stronger and earlier recovery and would still have a positive effect.”

These specific samples stand proxy for general conditions under this regime: individuals bullheadedly coping in the face of -– more bluntly, in spite of -– Statist animosities juiced by this mediocrity/menace of a Chief Executive.

Barac-Kultists even throw a party for their man over so-so occurrences not necessarily deserving one: the “War on Terror” is triumphantly wrapped! (Did ISIS get that memo?) Job-Creation — historic! (Sure, in a hum-drum, halting kind of way.) The USA’s international reputation — soaring! (Excepting in the Middle East, the Muslim World, Russia, Eastern Europe, etc.

Mind you, Democratic sock-puppets have been dutifully certifying from day one that B.Obama’s been a scintillating success. In the face of his every clownish, amateurish, heart-breaking, even bone-chilling misfire, they’ve reassured us: No, no, don’t pay any attention to all that; everything’s swell because of our Great Leader’s unparalleled skill and brilliance. 

The unintended gist of the BHO apologists, boiled down to its six-year essence, can be summarized: the United States has managed to survive two terms under Barack Obama. We’re still in existence, aren’t we? This validates the unsurpassed magnificence of all he’s done!

Far as they’re concerned, because currently, and despite all the Community-Organizer-in-Chief has inflicted on our republic, America has not been reduced to a Walking Dead episode — “The One” should be crowned incomparable vanquisher of all that troubles the nation.

Reality: no matter the government — or misgovernment — under which they must toil, the denizens of these fifty states possess an ingrained and captivating capacity for finding a way, for salvaging whatever’s needed to slog on. Somehow, they resourcefully identify and exploit the “fissures” (Cummings‘ apt term) in whatever gratuitous state-imposed obstructions they crash against. Americans “adapt and overcome”, to borrow a favored slogan from that most American of fighting forces, the U.S. Marine Corps. Thankfully, whatever the impediments — even those erected by a power-hungry White House resident and his abettors — Americans survive. 

That’s not to suggest some legislators, some leaders, most Progressives don’t render the path to that survival more excruciating. 

Or that they shouldn’t be held accountable for doing so. 

A particularly noxious corollary to this president’s habit of taking bogus kudos is his converse tendency to blame innocent bystanders for his galloping blunders. The God He claims to revere — when its convenient for him to do so — had a label for this kind of conduct: “bearing false witness against your neighbor” (Exodus 20:16). It’s a grave violation against Heaven, and this administration and its slack-witted and/or unscrupulous shills positively wallow in it. 

Benghazi attack? Naughty Republicans! They cut security spending. Evaporation of the so-called “red-line” against Syrian chemical weapons? It hadn’t been BHO’s idea, turns out –“the international community” concocted that one. Blitzkreig rise of ISIS? Obama’s intelligence advisers let him down. His unconstitutional border jumpers’ “amnesty” decree? Congressional “inaction” forced his hand! 

And when every other “dog-ate-my-homework” explanation fizzles? There’s always the blame-GW-Bush perennial. 

It’s all bosh, obviously. But like a purple-faced brat who’s been backed, red-handed, into a corner, Obama Inc.’s convulsive reflex remains what it’s been all along: point elsewhere — anywhere — and shriek, “Not his fault! That other guy did it!” 

Frantically clawing after false credit, unrepentantly bearing false witness against guiltless third parties — it’s low-rent conduct from a low-rent administration and its crusaders.

And it’s six years of Barack Obama’s tenure in a rancid nutshell. 

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Steve Pauwels is pastor of Church of the King, Londonderry, NH and host of Striker Radio with Steve Pauwels on the Red State Talk Radio Network. He's also husband to the lovely Maureen and proud father of three fine sons: Mike, Sam and Jake.