CHANGE IN 2015? New Year, Same Delusional Obama

Written by Teri O'Brien on January 1, 2015

In case you haven’t noticed (and I suspect that you have), the world is erupting in chaos. Just this month, the Chinese, feeling their oats as their economy runs circles around ours, tested a long-range nuclear missile with a simulated nuclear warhead, the DF-41. When fully operational, according to the Pentagon, DF-41 will be able to target the entire United States. Just about a year ago, Barack Obama, the alleged Leader of the Free World, dismissed ISIS, or as he likes to say “ISIL,” (because he doesn’t want to remind people of the ongoing murder and mayhem in Syria, and his phony “red line”) as the “JV” team, as in “junior varsity.” For a JV team, this plucky bunch of blood thirsty, head chopping maniacs is having a huge impact. From an NBC News story: “Is ISIS Winning Battle for Islamic Radicals’ Hearts and Minds?”

Despite recent battlefield setbacks in Iraq and Syria, ISIS is gaining influence among small jihadist groups in North Africa and South Asia, raising concerns that its use of extreme tactics like mass executions and beheadings could spread to new arenas, U.S. officials and counterterrorism experts tell NBC News.

While al Qaeda apparently retains solid support among jihadist groups along the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan, at least five militant Islamic groups — all of them either previous al Qaeda supporters or al Qaeda affiliates — have over the past five months either pledged allegiance to ISIS or loudly praised its establishment of a self-declared “caliphate” stretching from southern Syria through northern Iraq.

The Iranians, who no doubt await the opening of the new American embassy that Barack is contemplating with great anticipation, are happily working toward the inevitable, their very own nuclear weapon. The Castro brothers, who had to out wait nine American presidents to get see their wishes granted, got everything they wanted from their comrade Obama, and celebrated by cracking down on some of those irritating dissidents that our president claims to be so concerned about.

I could go on, but you get the point. Meanwhile, where is our Dear Reader? Eating shaved ice and scheduling another tee time during his spectacular Hawaiian holiday. Lest we start to wonder if he’s still in charge, he did give an interview to NPR before jetting off to his tropical getaway, which gave him another chance to demonstrate that he has a stranglehold on reality, or maybe not.

I say that because he took the opportunity to revisit a theme from 2008, lamenting the stupidity of “white working-class voters” who turned against Democrats in the 2014 midterms, explaining

“They hear about an immigration debate or they hear about, you know, debate surrounding Ferguson, and they think, ‘I’m being left out. Nobody seems to be thinking about how tough it is for me right now,’ or, ‘I’ve been downscaled, I’ve lost my job,’ etc.”

How disgusting these whining self-pitying white people are! “Nobody seems to be thinking about how tough it is for me.” Actually, could it be that possibly Barack, the pampered little mixed-race mascot of his elitist professors and sycophantic supporters, is projecting? It’s very easy to picture him lamenting how tough things are for him. And “downscaled?” Does he mean downsized? Isn’t he the one who has only read about what it’s like to be laid off?

“And so, there’s sometimes a gap in perceptions that we have to bridge,” the president added. “I think there’s a legitimate sense of loss, particularly among men, who have seen manufacturing diminish; construction has been in the tank.”

And don’t forget, those stupid working-class white people cling to their guns and religion, too.

It’s going to be a long two years, Kids.

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