CONSPIRACY? FEMA Camps Civilian Labor Camp Program

Published on January 13, 2015

by James Rogers
Clash Daily cntributor

This writing was inspired by a Rachel Maddow MSNBC video from July 2013. I had never given FEMA camps much more than a thought of a conspiracy theory until now. With my curiosity stirred I began googling all things FEMA, civilian inmate camp program and RX84. I found more information that I could process in a short time so I had to spend several hours reading and searching. After what I found and read, I no longer believe FEMA camps are a conspiracy.

This has been going on for a long time. In WWII there was a similar program to incarcerate Germans in America to try and prevent sabotage of our ships ferrying supplies to our allies in Europe. If memory serves me, a couple of ships may have been sunk by homeland Germans before they were caught.

Also during WWII Japanese were housed for the duration of the war in similar camps until after the conflict was over. Whether they were loyal to America or not, they lost most everything they had and after the war they had to start over.

RX84, short for Readiness Exercise 1984 was originally a plan for the Army and National Guard to respond to major and domestic civil disturbances within the United States. Rex 84: FEMA’s Blueprint for Martial Law in America gives more information on FEMA’s ability not only to protect the government but to be its principal vehicle for martial law. A Washington Post article says the federal appeals court can detain a U.S. citizen captured on U.S. soil without any criminal charges.

Let me be quick to point out that a lot of this infringements on our rights started under George Bush after 9/11. His original intention, I believe, was to attempt to prevent future terrorism on U.S. soil. Regardless, it did strip us from many of our freedoms as American citizens.

A Canada Free Press article declares without America there is no free world. To quote a paragraph from the article:

To understand how extensive this is, the Western Center for Journalism published a list of “Obama’s Worst Executive Orders” asserting that some 900 Obama executive orders had been initiated when in fact Obama has signed 139. However, added to active EOs from previous administrations, the Center is correct in its fears that he is “creating a martial law “Disney Land” of control covering everything imaginable.

In a New York Times article published in 2006, the Army Corps of Engineers awarded a contract worth up to $385 million for building temporary immigration detention centers to Kellogg Brown and Root.

According to Kick them all out, there are now over 800 FEMA camps in the U.S. Reading their PDF file describes them under Army Regulation 210-35, as “a civilian inmate labor program.” That reminds me of German labor camps during WWII where citizens (mostly Jews) were forced to build weapons for Hitler’s army. Then, too, there were the concentration camps where those who couldn’t work were sent to die, 600 million of them.

Perhaps I’m being a bit extreme in my thinking but with Homeland Security arming themselves and sending military style vehicles and weapons to police throughout the U.S., I am a bit concerned. Since it seems that no illegal aliens are being placed in the FEMA camps, and there are plenty of them, the administration must be preparing for martial law.

Any thinking person can’t help but consider that the racial situation in the U.S. is being agitated for a reason. If a solution is not found, sometime in the future there will be cities becoming violent and riots will break out. We are already seeing daily rioting in several cities and the deliberate killing of policemen. An almost daily push to disarm the public and make us defenseless. With all the information presented here and in the news daily there have become mumblings of a revolution. There is indeed a reason to think martial law isn’t far away. At this time we can only hope not.


James RogersJames Rogers is retired from 37 years of Newspaper/printing and publishing and has written and edited a lot of copy during those decades. He currently blogs and writes short stories for his entertainment and to keep his mind sharp.