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DEFLATED BALLS: Did the Patriots Deflate Footballs During Colts Game?

NFL launches probe after New England’s 45-7 victory.

The NFL has reportedly launched an investigation into whether the New England Patriots illegally deflated footballs in their blowout AFC Championship victory over the Indianapolis Colts.

Deflating footballs, even just a little, could make them easier to throw and hand-off in adverse weather – like the rain and snow in Gillette Stadium on Sunday night.

The Patriots dominated the Colts 45-7 – a thumping victory that sends quarterback Tom Brady to his sixth Super Bowl, an NFL record.

The claims are especially damaging because the Patriots have already been caught cheating once before. In 2007, the NFL fined the team and head coach Bill Belichick for videotaping an opposing team’s sideline coaches during a game. The practice, which is against the rules, gave Patriots coaches insight into the plays that the defense was about to make.

Indianapolis columnist Bob Kravitz of WTHR TV has claimed a source has told him that NFL officials are investigating New England for ball tampering.

Officials reportedly took a ball out of play to check whether it weighed the league-required 12 and a half to 13 and a half pounds.

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